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Marathons / Re: Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Continues
« Last post by Dave the Necrobumper on Today at 01:30:11 AM »
Did you spot Hitchcock's cameo in LifeBoat?
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Politics
« Last post by 1SO on Today at 01:29:51 AM »
They literally cannot stop proving the protesters right. Every day there's a fresh batch of horrifying videos from the previous night taken from all around the country. You would think after a week of this a cop would have at the front of their mind that all they have to do is get through the night without assaulting people
I have seen The Man From Nowhere, but I can remember nothing about it. Need to do a refresh of my memory.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Politics
« Last post by The Deer Hunter on Today at 12:59:55 AM »
I'm at a loss watching the videos coming from your riots. Particularly one from today when officers pushed a man back and he smashed his head on the floor. There's dozens of officers around him who just keep walking and don't help him as he lays there unconscious bleeding from his head. These officers presumably joined the police force because they want to help people. They want to do the right thing. But here they are actively hurting people and ignoring those who need help. Which should go against their moral code but apart from that it's literally their job. This is what they get paid to do. CINECAST!ing crazy times.
Marathons / Re: 1SO vs. The 2010s: Best of the Decade Marathon
« Last post by 1SO on Today at 12:46:33 AM »

The Man From Nowhere (2010)
"Guys living for tomorrow have no chance against a guy living only for today."
Initial Review

One of the running themes is that the criminal world has a tendency to turn upon and eat itself. Corruption and disloyalty within the organization becomes the subplot that gives a chance for the various villains to have their own power plays and motivations that make watching the whole system unravel at both ends fascinating. Tae-sik may be a wrench in the machine of the criminal organization, but some of the gears find a way to adapt and evolve to the situation which makes the plotting of the film inspired.

I was around for the Hong Kong action cinema of the late 80s which transitioned to a Japanese genre boom (mostly J-Horror) and then onto the Korean New Wave. While the world moved on, South Korean cinema quietly kept producing amazing work that stretched, twisted and deconstructed genre films. Bong Joon Ho stayed popular and there'd be the occasional Train to Busan, Burning or The Wailing. It's a place I'd like to get back to a Marathon one day, the number of recommended thrillers, horror films and romantic comedies is daunting.

I started the day with Drug War, Johnny To's update to the 90s Hong Kong cop thriller and now I end it with The Man From Nowhere, which takes pieces from popular films like Man on Fire, Leon: The Professional and the Bourne franchise, but by the very nature of South Korean cinema these familiar elements take on exciting new life. Characters are familiar and don't require much explanation (or even solid acting in some supporting bad guys.) This leaves more time for story, which exists on several levels of morality, from the hard-working police to the staff of drug supplying organ-harvesters who force children to help them. One night, this crime machine angers the wrong quiet neighbor, one who has a very particular set of skills.

Ultimate badasses are nothing new, but that's where the South Korean sensibility comes in. Tae-sik isn't posturing. He's just good at what he does and can do it without passion. He's the kind of guy who repeatedly punches a small knife into his hostage while the other bad guys try to figure out what to do. Not cool... but kinda cool.

List in Progress

Movie Talk / Re: Respond to the last movie you watched
« Last post by etdoesgood on Today at 12:39:16 AM »
Me and You and Everyone We Know

Lots of sighs.

Of the films in my Top 100, this is the one I'd gone longest without seeing, today being my second viewing overall and first since its limited theatrical run in '05 brought it to the State Theatre on the University of Michigan campus. (I went to U of M's redheaded stepchild of a university, Eastern, down the street. I'm not paying that much for an undergrad in elementary ed. Plus, let's be real, they'd have never accepted me.)

Ahhhhhhh, I love it so much, it was better than I remembered. All of these little stories and moments, some of which run on the edge of social acceptability though are easily identified as true and possible and possibly disturbing, are nevertheless so touching and so intriguing. There is a sense of knowing and sense of intellectualism is this film, but it never overshadows its humanity, core performances from July and Hawkes (plus some really well-directed child performances), and universal themes of longing and the quality of the human touch. If you consider July's affection for and participation in the Riot grrrl movement, you gain even further clarification on the longing of the lonely artist, the sexual exploration of the teenage girls, and the achingly idealistic though somewhat melancholy little girl who saves up for and collects new housewares to share one day with her future husband and daughter (Sylvia, a personal favorite then and now).

There is a crowd that will hate this film, probably people who have their heads in the sand when it comes to growing up, but especially people who are super jaded, cynical, or just lack empathy. Funny, because I can be that way, but I can't deny this film. Like, at all. I also have been told I feel things more acutely than others by, like, professionals, and this stirs up all sorts of emotions I thought were well and settled.

I'll stop giving movies 4-5 stars when I stop watching and rewatching great movies. Hopefully never. (Probably tomorrow or the day after. Damn it.)
Announcements / Re: This Forum
« Last post by smirnoff on Yesterday at 09:29:44 PM »
Hmm, not too sure what would cause that. Hopefully it also works if people just login to Discord and search Filmspotting.
Announcements / Re: This Forum
« Last post by 1SO on Yesterday at 09:07:15 PM »
Something wonky where sometimes instead of

it does


and gives the error that the computer doesn't recognize an address that starts with "discord:"
I'd wait for a Criterion sale. Still one of the best sets Criterion has put out in terms of quality. Parade is probably the only weak one of the lot and it's still quite good.
Announcements / Re: This Forum
« Last post by smirnoff on Yesterday at 08:26:19 PM »
I'm worried that one day we'll wake up and the site will be down and it wont come back up.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY meet at the Filmspotting Forum Fallout Shelter on discord.

Save this link! Tattoo it to your arm! Better yet, join it now so you don't have to remember where to find it later!
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