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Fleabag season 2 is somehow better than season 1. An amazing first ep promises a lot and the remaining 6 deliver. The final moments are absolutely brilliant. Carve 3.5 hours out of your schedule to watch this ASAP.

I'm really looking forward to it.
Television & Sports / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by sdb_1970 on Today at 09:25:27 AM »
I donít think the internal impetus of Drogonís reaction was thematic (political) at all.  From several sequences throughout the series (along with the fact the Dany could ride him without any sort of saddle or vocal commands, dramatic exclamations of ďDracarysĒ excluded), he clearly had a psychic connection to Dany, and as a result, knew her ambitions/obsessions and could come to some instinctual appreciation of what they ultimately did to her - externally and internally.  (Til the very end she still had remnants of a conscience, and you can see it when Tyrion confronts her and renounces his handship in front of her soldiers - itís the look of heartbreak, not anger or contempt.)  After Drogon melts the throne, he gives Jon a distinct look of recognition, as if to say ďneither you nor anyone else will claim it either.Ē  In my opinion, I donít know how any viewer of the entire show could not conclude that this was one of the best visuals, and most poetic moments, of the entire series ...

... assuming, of course, that the audience is still capable of getting lost in this world.  Looking back on the entire series, having watched it all in the last four months, if I had to list the top 10 worst plot points, only three would be from the last two seasons.  I think what the twitterverse reactions to these last two seasons demonstrate to me is the degree to which Millennials and Gen-Zers are increasingly incapable of experiencing a piece of pop culture without simultaneously attempting to conjure up petty memes in their heads.  I actually feel sorry for them, because for all of the narrative compression, there was a lot of good stuff there for the open-minded and open-hearted.
Movie Talk / Re: What should I watch?
« Last post by Sam the Cinema Snob on Today at 09:21:38 AM »
Movie Talk / Re: What should I watch?
« Last post by roujin on Today at 08:39:07 AM »
Stay home.
I'd actually say this season of Barry was more disappointing than this season of Game of Thrones.
Movie Talk / Re: What should I watch?
« Last post by FLYmeatwad on Today at 06:37:51 AM »
That's what I think it's looking like, though early word on BB seems surprisingly strong, and, for some reason, I think parts of Ma look cool, though idk if it'll get too Saw-y for FLY.
Game of Thrones was alright. Barry was fantastic. Why is one a cultural touchstone and the other is an overlooked/underappreciated gem? I'm such a TV-hipster.  8)
I bought an Oculus Quest because Iím dumb. Iíll hopefully have time to mess around with it tonight and share some initial impressions.  8)

Ok, maybe I'm not that dumb. This thing is pretty cool. The Rift-wands are really the stand outs, especially when compared to the PSVR Move controllers. The whole grip/pressure sensitive buttons/sticks really feel intuitive and awesome. Within seconds, I was picking up items and juggling them/tossing them at NPCs.

As for games, I downloaded Beat Saber (of course) and Vader Immortal. The processing power on this thing doesn't feel as powerful as the PSVR paired with a PS4 Pro; however, the pixel per eye increase really makes up for all of that. Beat Saber looks crisp and the 1-to-1 tracking is a step up over the spotty PS Camera tracking. Vader looked impressively real and intimidating, though I'm not sure how the "game" part is quite yet. I messed around with some Youtube VR stuff and it looked pretty damn crisp. Overall, I'm somewhat impressed with this thing. I don't think it's as comfortable as the PSVR, but it definitely feels better than the Oculus Go.

I'm probably going to double-dip with Super Hot VR, Moss, and some other stuff as well, as this will probably be my go-to-VR platform for the foreseeable future (until Iron Man comes out on PSVR).
Movie Talk / Re: What should I watch?
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Movie Talk / Re: What should I watch?
« Last post by FLYmeatwad on Yesterday at 09:46:26 PM »
This week, which should I see first: Brightburn or Aladdin?

Next week, which order should I aim for: Ma, Godzilla, and Rocketman?
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