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Movie Talk / Re: Respond to the last movie you watched
« Last post by FLYmeatwad on Today at 08:42:52 PM »
Saw Addy Ast and really liked it, thought it echoed a lot of what I responded to, especially over time, in Z.

I also don't think Impossible or Beyond are that much 'healthier' than a standard burger.
Movie Talk / Re: Respond to the last movie you watched
« Last post by Bondo on Today at 06:26:39 PM »
Brittany Runs A Marathon

I think this film is attempting to be a body positivity comedy, but in that capacity it feels pretty awkward in a few respects:
-The way they shoot things pre/post the doctor's visit where he tells her she is obese and should lose weight makes it out as if she hadn't contemplated her weight prior to that. This seems...unlikely?
-At her heaviest point early on, she is also just generally a mess of a person with unhealthy habits, professional failure, and questionable social skills largely in the form of always trying to be funny even when she shouldn't be. But as she starts losing weight, it seems her life is coming together. The final act of the film does complicate this in a way that somewhat saves it, but it still was a bit uncomfortable.

To a certain extent, I really appreciated her relationship with her roommate (she being a source of microagressions) as I've had a roommate similar to her, including their concern about having to work to avoid getting thin. But as bad as her roommate is, Brittany goes pretty far to show that maybe her problem wasn't her weight but that she's a bad, selfish person. The film violates my "no public scenes" policy. All this said, the ending was pretty emotionally effective for me because it had done some work to build these various relationships believably. So ultimately a mixed bag.

Ad Astra
It is definitely beautiful and there are some fun scenes. It also feels very slow and long and even reading up after the fact it had no intellectual or emotional impact on me. Kind of a disappointment ultimately.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Tech Talk
« Last post by Sam the Cinema Snob on Today at 09:47:41 AM »
I was getting tired of all the bloated Windows additions and the fact that there were so many forced updates. Also all the privacy invasions with Microsoft tracking all kinds of things. Plus, I like tinkering with stuff and Linux lets you manipulate basically everything.
Marathons / Re: Shocktober Group Marathon 2019
« Last post by Junior on Today at 09:26:06 AM »
Tigers Are Not Afraid

Pretty openly tries to copy the Pan's Labyrinth thing of combining fairytale tropes and social-realist storytelling but mostly fails, sadly.

Correction, pretty openly tries to copy The Devil's Backbone thing of combining scary but not entirely malevolent ghosts and social-realist storytelling and largely succeeds, thankfully. Key to the film's strength is the way the child actors are able to ground the film amid the threat of adult gang violence and the supernatural. Thinking to something more innocent like The Florida Project, I feel like I have a soft spot for children being resilient in tough situations, and so when they are able to block out the bad to mimic a Mexico's Got Talent sort of thing, I am charmed. The way they use the ghosts, or whatever supernatural form you wish to call the victims of drug cartels, does a good job to signal the scale of the violence.

Two random asides from the film:
1. There is a scene where some children are in cages...I thought it was tragic that I have to specify it was drug cartel people doing it, not the American government.
2. The main boy gets chided for letting the main girl do something tough in his stead. I thought, smart of him, because women get things done.

If it was just ghosts, I'd agree with you. But it's graffiti tigers, metal snakes, plastic dragons, and so on. Those lean more towards the magical realism of PL than the gothic spooks of TDB. I mean, probably it's both. Still felt like a bad cover band to me. I know I'm in the minority tho.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: YouTube subscriptions
« Last post by smirnoff on Today at 09:15:48 AM »

I wonder who the older person to appear on Hot Ones is.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Avatars
« Last post by smirnoff on Today at 09:13:38 AM »
At first I was like "I think that's James Dean"... but then I google image searched his name just to be sure and was actually less sure after because for the most part Dean seems to have sported a bigger hairdo and is looking more squinty. I couldn't actually tell if it was the same person. :))
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Avatars
« Last post by The Deer Hunter on Today at 06:02:22 AM »
I can't tell if you're actually wondering which one he is but just in case it's James Dean.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: YouTube subscriptions
« Last post by jdc on Today at 03:59:19 AM »
Canít believe how composed the host can stay
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: YouTube subscriptions
« Last post by smirnoff on Today at 02:20:11 AM »
It gets pretty savage, that's for sure. :)
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: YouTube subscriptions
« Last post by jdc on Today at 01:40:21 AM »
I have to say that there is something brilliant about Hot Ones, like people start breaking down as if they are being psychologically and physically tortured.    Just watched a couple but this one was my favorite,   

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