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Movie Talk / Re: Respond to the last movie you watched
« Last post by Sandy on Today at 12:51:51 AM »
Oh, you'll be alright either way. Definitely a "no homework required" sort of film. That said, and on a completely unrelated note, I would absolutely recommend seeing The Shining. As a first experience I would make no guesses as how it might actually strike you, but in this case I would recommend it all the same. Almost just to get it out of the way. Not to get it over with in the sense that it's some tiresome but required viewing, but just that I think anyone's first sitting with that film will be inconclusive. Like a person would say afterward "I just watched The Shining... what did I just watch?" Where it goes from there is hard to say. You may stew in it for years, you may see it again right away. I wouldn't presume to push you any particular direction, suffice it to say I think seeing that first time (and maybe only time) is an interesting door to open. :)

I should have tried to fit it in Shocktober! When I was young, I saw a few scenes, so I hope it doesn't mess with my "first time" door opening. :) I'm much more inclined to watch Passengers, especially after you championed it, but am wanting the challenge of The Shining too. If not sooner, then no later than Oct. 2019!

edit: but yes I will make room for Passengers in the lower tiers of my next list I think. I'm kind of working on that right now. My stale old list from 2 or 3 years ago is all cobwebby. My top 20 needs some strong reworking to reflect recent obsessions. One time viewings will likely all fall away completely, barring a revisit. In a few cases a revisit is something I'm looking forward to, and of those whose to say what will remain. Others I'm not compelled to revisit will drop off. I'll let my current level of interest be my guide. Though it could make for quite a short list :))

How fun you make it sound! I can't wait to see the updated list and how it has shuffled around. I can see you sitting there being ruthless with your drop offs, but remember, you still get a hundred! :))

Pics or it doesn't exist! :)
That's one box that hasn't been unpacked just yet. :)

:) I'll take a rain check then.
Movie Talk / Re: Last DVD you bought
« Last post by smirnoff on Yesterday at 10:48:28 PM »
Some of Billy Crudup's best work!
Movie Talk / Re: Last DVD you bought
« Last post by MartinTeller on Yesterday at 10:36:55 PM »
Mononoke gets better each time I watch it.  It is time for a revisit.  I'm thinking of a chapter-by-chapter Miyazaki marathon.

It did not hold up for me AT ALL. Maybe it's because I watched the English dub this time (or because I was showing it to my wife, which always puts a little more pressure on the movie to be engaging), but I thought it was dreary and boring as hell, with no good characters and a lot of mystical mumbo-jumbo that felt like it was being made up on the spot. To be honest, we ended up fast-forwarding through the last 50 minutes because neither of us gave a damn. There were a few good bits and I liked some of the creatures, but I had a hard time feeling the same love I did 15 years ago. I still love Spirited Away, probably because it has a much more playful vibe.
13. Metal Gear Solid

wHy So LoW?!1?

Hitman 2 is confusing me. I thought this was a standalone game, but you have to download individual maps/episodes like the first game? I suppose that would make sense for an episodic game, but this convulated download system blows. The pre-load of the game only included the prologue, which was fun... but BAM, I tried to move on to Miami to be redirected to the Microsoft Store. So weird. Then, there’s trying to get the 2016 missions into this game...  :o
Movie Clubs / Re: The Top 100 Club: Knocked Out Loaded
« Last post by Bondo on Yesterday at 08:15:26 PM »
La Cérémonie
- explaining how the story is like Mike Leigh making a thriller, meaning it's short on actual thrills but rich with class satire

I feel like it is giving the film too much credit to imply it is rich with class satire. And with Mike Leigh having arguably made a thriller or two, we don't need to imagine too much how his would paint a richer portrait of the characters. If I could put my reaction to this film in one word it would be emptiness. I'm not sure if I've failed to pick up what the film is selling to make me feel empathy for the twin leads, or if I've failed by asking it to make me feel empathy in the first place. If the former I'd tend to blame the film, if the latter I'd just insist the film isn't for me then. This feels more in line with Funny Games, and I don't respond well to nihilistic anarchy.
Movie Talk / Re: What Movie Is Playing Right Now
« Last post by St. Martin the Bald on Yesterday at 07:58:26 PM »
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindlewald
Deal me a new hand please...
Fez is most def the Top 3 of last console generation.
Brackets / Re: 1990s Far East Bracket: Results and Schedule
« Last post by pixote on Yesterday at 07:31:49 PM »
November 13The fifth round is under way, with nine matchups currently assigned and another seven still up for grabs! Post here if you want to join in!

This locked thread will stay updated with the latest results and pairings.  If you have any questions or comments, the discussion thread for this bracket is here.  Everyone is welcome to get in on this bracket.  Just let me know which two films you want to watch.

So you're saying House of Cards was a house of cards?
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