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Marathons / Re: Star Trek
« Last post by oldkid on Today at 02:10:21 AM »
At what point does a series letting its hair down, so to speak, become too much of a good thing?

That's a good question. I think it edged on that in The Voyage Home, but certainly the Shatnerfest of V goes over the line. I do hope you guys watch Galaxy Quest, because that's the film that walks the line between silly and serious quite well.  And First Contact as well.

Frankly, I like The Next Generation series (less so the film) because beginning with the second season, the series embraces the serious.  A bit of serious science ideas mixed in with the silly and some serious ideas mixed in with the silly comedy.  I think that's the balance I prefer.  Over the top silly is great, as long as it remains true to the characters and have some solid ideas behind it.  Much like the rule of fantasy: Remain consistent within the universe you've created but within that universe you can do whatever you want. The Voyage Home broke a couple universe rules and Final Frontier was the Star Trek universe through the eyes of Kirk, which no one asked for. 
Movie Games / Re: I Know That Character
« Last post by pixote on Today at 12:26:25 AM »
Batman Returns?

No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Forum CPR
« Last post by jdc on Today at 12:18:32 AM »
I managed to watch 1 film this month for Sandy and should get around to posting about it this week. Otherwise, just been too busy to watch anything but occasionally reading what others are watching. Hope to be settled in about 2 weeks.
Movie Games / Re: I Know That Character
« Last post by smirnoff on Today at 12:08:30 AM »
These all sound like young characters, from wealthy families.
Marathons / Re: Star Trek
« Last post by pixote on Yesterday at 11:50:19 PM »
V is the one Trek film I havenít seen because a friend made me promise not to waste my time on it.

Show Discussion / Posting a thread in this forum
« Last post by saltine on Yesterday at 10:57:07 PM »
If you have a comment to make about an episode of Filmspotting and a thread has not been started, please start the thread yourself.

It would be great if you started the thread with the show number and the name, but if you don't, I'll change it so no worries.

Additionally, I'd like to thank pixote who has taken great effort with this thread. It's really appreciated by forum Admins.

Movie Talk / Re: Movie Buzz
« Last post by 1SO on Yesterday at 10:32:17 PM »
On the latest Kermode and Mayo, Mark sang the praises of Every Day that sounds like it could be Bondo's movie of the year.
Marathons / Re: Star Trek
« Last post by smirnoff on Yesterday at 10:24:47 PM »
Just a general question, and this will apply to all the different Star Trek's, and really a lot of franchises out there. At what point does a series letting its hair down, so to speak, become too much of a good thing?

Star Trek as I have known it has always been a serious show at it's core. Starfleet is a quasi-military branch of the Federation. It is has very particular principles, the most important being the Prime Directive of non-interference. Starfleet has ranks, and promotes discipline. The stakes are high, and those serving are risking their lives. In watching the show it comes to be an organization you respect, just as the characters do. It is an establishment and position that has an air of something important. It represents the best of humanity.

And yet in the course of doing their duties it is fun to get to know the people beneath the uniforms. Seeing Kirk's home on Earth for instance is a rare and intimate look at the "off-duty" side of the man. The effect is that you warm to the character.

But when do these "moments" begin to undermine the dignity of the people and institution you have come to respect? When the crew decides the best way to take retrieve 3 hostages from a force of unknown size is to commandeer a bunch of horses and perform a cavalry charge?

I'm going to join you Corndog in ragging on Shatner the director, because I think what we have here is something of a vanity project. Shatner is a known horse lover, and what does he do with his first shot at directing? Adds a bunch of horse back riding. And then the Kirk mountain climbing stuff. It's too much. In some ways it's nice to see the character so loose, but something is lost in this movie.
No Movie Talk Allowed / Re: Forum CPR
« Last post by oldkid on Yesterday at 09:06:07 PM »
I've been catching up on movies that were already talked out months ago: Phantom Thread, I Tonya, the latest Star Wars.  I have the Post ready for me.  But I probably will just read over the spoiler threads. :)
Movie Games / Re: The Movie Frame Game
« Last post by Antares on Yesterday at 06:38:55 PM »
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