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It was a great season with three really stand-out episodes: Japan, The Panic in Central Park, and Hello Kitty.

Rannells as Elijah was great and helped fill the space created by seeing less Ray and Adam.

Jessa and Adam were a highlight until the end. I found their fight to be laughably bad. And the Jessa's-bad-with-the-baby story line didn't make much sense for a young woman who used to be a nanny and who we've seen step up and take charge on numerous occasions - especially when said baby was being born and then just recently at Marnie's wedding.

Hannah was very easily the low point. They were deliberately pushing for that, but it wasn't fun to watch. Her minor epiphany at the end of the season was too little too late. One little thing that grossed me out was her not brushing her teeth at night in the episode at the women's retreat. It's like, not enough for her to be completely self-absorbed and generally horrible to everyone around her, but that really pushed my buttons for some reason (it also was after she performed oral sex on a complete stranger, so that might have something to do with it).

Also, Fran was annoying. I get his frustration (who wouldn't be), but it played really badly. Glad those two are done.

Marnie had a great episode. How weird is that? Christopher Abbot was quite good despite his I'm-playing-an-Arab-in-Whiskey-Tango-Fox-Trot look. Desi is so, so good. I've grown to love his supreme awfulness. He's THE worst. But it always makes me laugh when he launches so effortlessly into his clueless narcissism.

Looking forward to the next and final season. They seem to be in a groove.
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