Author Topic: Retro Filmspots 1957: Final Ballot  (Read 939 times)


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Retro Filmspots 1957: Final Ballot
« on: July 06, 2012, 10:33:52 AM »
Below is the final ballot for the 1957 Retro Filmspots. To vote, please copy-and-paste the ballot into a private message to me. You can vote anytime from now through Monday, July 9.

You don't have to vote in every category, but there's also no need to abstain just because you haven't seen a key nominee or two. Part I of the ballot lets me know which films you haven't yet seen and that's taken into account in tabulating the results. That way, your vote for the best nominee you've seen doesn't hurt the nominees you haven't seen.

Voting is open to everyone. You don't have to have submitted a nominations ballot in order to vote on this final ballot.

Winners will (probably) be announced in a live chat on Wednesday, July 11 at 8pm Eastern time.

If you have any questions, please ask them here.


PART I: Which of the nominated films have you NOT yet seen? (Delete the ones you have seen from the list below.)

12 Angry Men
The Bridge on the River Kwai
A Chairy Tale
The Cranes Are Flying
The Enemy Below
A Face in the Crowd
Forty Guns
Funny Face
Le Notti Bianche
Let's All Go to the Lobby
N.Y., N.Y.
Nights of Cabiria
The Pajama Game
Paths of Glory
The Seventh Seal
Silk Stockings
Sweet Smell of Success
Three Little Bops
Throne of Blood
What's Opera, Doc?
Wild Strawberries
Witness for the Prosecution

PART II:  Select your favorite nominee in each category. It's best for me if you leave only the nominee you're voting for and delete the other four.

If there are nominees that you don't remember well enough to consider voting for (even though you've seen the film), please feel free to note that next to your vote in that category.

Best Picture
     12 Angry Men
     Sweet Smell of Success
     Paths of Glory
     Throne of Blood
     Wild Strawberries

Best Director
     Sidney Lumet, 12 Angry Men
     Stanley Kubrick, Paths of Glory
     Guru Dutt, Pyaasa
     Akria Kurosawa, Throne of Blood
     Ingmar Bergman, Wild Strawberries

Best Original Screenplay
     Budd Schulberg, A Face in the Crowd
     Abrar Alvi, Pyaasa
     Ingmar Bergman, The Seventh Seal
     Michael Maltese, What's Opera, Doc?
     Ingmar Bergman, Wild Strawberries

Best Adapted Screenplay
     Reginald Rose, 12 Angry Men (from the his own teleplay)
     Suso Cecchi D'Amico and Luchino Visconti, Le Notti Bianche (from the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky)
     Stanley Kubrick& Calder Willingham and Jim Thompson, Paths of Glory (from the novel by Humphrey Cobb)
     Clifford Odets and Ernest Lehman, Sweet Smell of Success (from the novella by Ernest Lehman)
     Hideo Oguni, Shinobu Hashimoto, Ryûzô Kikushima, & Akira Kurosawa, Throne of Blood (from the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare)

Best Actor
     Tony Curtis, Sweet Smell of Success
     Kirk Douglas, Paths of Glory
     Henry Fonda, 12 Angry Men
     Alec Guinness, The Bridge on the River Kwai
     Victor Sjostrom, Wild Strawberries

Best Actress
     Audrey Hepburn, Funny Face
     Giulietta Masina, Nights of Cabiria
     Patricia Neal, A Face in the Crowd
     Tatyana Samojlova, The Cranes Are Flying
     Barbara Stanwyck, Forty Guns

Best Supporting Actor
     Gunnar Bjornstrand, The Seventh Seal
     Lee J. Cobb, 12 Angry Men
     Sessue Hayakawa, The Bridge on the River Kwai
     Curd Jürgens, The Enemy Below
     Burt Lancaster, Sweet Smell of Success

Best Supporting Actress
     Marlene Dietrich, Witness for the Prosecution
     Carol Haney, The Pajama Game
     Teresa Izewska, Kanal
     Kay Thompson, Funny Face
     Isuzu Yamada, Throne of Blood

Best Ensemble Cast
     12 Angry Men
     Paths of Glory
     The Seventh Seal
     Sweet Smell of Success
     Witness for the Prosecution

Best Non-English Language Film
     The Cranes Are Flying
     The Seventh Seal
     Throne of Blood
     Wild Strawberries

Best Short Film
     A Chairy Tale (directed by Claude Jutra & Norman McLaren)
     Let's All Go to the Lobby (directed by Dave Fleischer)
     N.Y., N.Y. (directed by Francis Thompson)
     Three Little Bops (directed by Friz Freleng)
     What's Opera, Doc? (directed by Chuck Jones)

Best Editing
     Frank Bracht, Funny Face
     Eva Kroll, Paths of Glory
     Akira Kurosawa, Throne of Blood
     Carl Lerner, 12 Angry Men
     Mariya Timofeyeva, The Cranes Are Flying

Best Score
     Malcolm Arnold, The Bridge on the River Kwai
     Elmer Bernstein, Sweet Smell of Success
     S.D. Burman, Pyaasa
     Adolph Deutsch, Funny Face
     Masaru Satô, Throne of Blood

Best Cinematography
     Gunnar Fischer, The Seventh Seal
     Jack Hildyard, The Bridge on the River Kwai
     Asakazu Nakai, Throne of Blood
     Sergei Urusevsky, The Cranes Are Flying
     James Wong Howe, Sweet Smell of Success

Best Art Direction
     Mario Chiari and Enzo Eusepi, Le Notti Bianche
     P.A. Lundgren, The Seventh Seal
     Yoshirô Muraki, Throne of Blood
     Hal Pereira, George W. Davis, Sam Comer, & Ray Moyer, Funny Face
     Ludwig Reiber, Paths of Glory

Best Line
     "You're dead son. Get yourself buried." – Sweet Smell of Success
     "I'd hate to take a bite outta you. You're a cookie full of arsenic." – Sweet Smell of Success
     "The arrangement of your features is not entirely repulsive to me." – Silk Stockings
     "She's a high-riding woman... with a whip!" – Forty Guns
     "I am constantly surprised that women's hats do not provoke more murders." – Witness for the Prosecution
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