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Cactus Flower
« on: July 25, 2012, 08:42:15 PM »
Saw Cactus Flower last night. I think it was recently mentioned on SVU; I'm almost certain Goldie Hawn's Toni was on the "magic pixie dream girl" list. A highly regarded film, it seems, on imdb.

Didn't laugh or even chuckle once. That's OK, and better than the slapstick stuff Goldie went on to do, but I didn't care about the romance either. Ingrid Bergman was so ... Ingrid Bergman -- especially in the listening booth scene. That's great, until the principals all meet up at the Slipped Disc for the second time. Julian (Matthau) is in Toni's element, maybe for the first time in their relationship. And Julian is feeling the age difference. Enter Ingrid Bergman, out of her nurse's uniform and dressed for the first time like Ingrid Bergman. Does she impress Julian with her grace and beauty? No, she dances around like an idiot to shit music then goes to the beach and gets drunk on gin and tequila.

Wrong actress.

And the clunky lines about the literal cactus flower were tough to stomach.

Hate to say it, but the Adam Sandler version was better.