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Re: Book Dictator Club: Fall 2012
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The love of many shall wax cold.

But not all, certainly not all, for if you look past the backdrop of a world accelerating towards decay and drag the bar down through the smog and zoom in to street level, there she is. See the young woman attending to her plants with her limited water credits? That's Francie, the observer and recipient of all kinds of love: new, familial, interrupted, unrequited, abandoned, hidden... In order to see it and to receive it, she first and continually reveals it.

As a child, she took to heart words spoken to her one memorable night on a beach, "Look at the water. Look at the sand. Don't forget anything that happened this year, or any year ever... Remember every sad and happy thing, because it's who you are." And with all that she has taken in, she produces small black pearls of introspections that are scattered throughout the pages of the book. At first glance they may not seem significant, but on closer inspection, they're life.

Thank you so much for picking this for my pixote. :)
"Inside you there's a strength that lies."