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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #10 on: December 02, 2012, 11:54:28 PM »

I'm glad I voiced my enthusiasm before you posted your review. That way you know I'm exited about this marathon and am not just being nice. :) I had so much fun reading your inaugural review, that I felt like I was right there with you. In fact, I'm going to pretend that I was part of chat and show you the few places where I would have butted in on your conversation. :D

Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Oldkid: I liked the fights-- especially with the light sabers
**Mrs. Oldkid says that the choreography of the fighting was just silly.  Spin once and you’re dead.

Sandy: But what form!!!

IdeaThy12: wha? Politics? Where? I saw action...I saw no politics
DeathImpacto: ;)
Oldkid: Governments.  Senators.  Lots of talking about trading and federations and senates and republics.

Sandy: Something about the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems being in dispute...

...also the mush-mouths at the beginning made it impossible to read their lips. >:(

IdeaThy12: he ranting about Jar-Jar?
DeathImpacto: yes
IdeaThy12: oh

Sandy: My solution:


Sandy: Wait! Yes blood. Don't blink or you'll miss it:

Oldkid: Okay, well this was....
DeathImpacto: I think we should conclude
Oldkid: interesting.
IdeaThy12: ONLY interesting?
DeathImpacto: it was out and out insane
Oldkid: What was insane?  I want to know

Sandy: "In an insane [Phantom Menace/Jar Jar Binks] world, it was the sanest choice." Great format oldkid family!

Loved it!

Edit: Fixed!
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2012, 12:08:46 AM »
That's great Sandy.  I thought about including pics, but it was getting late.  Your comments are very welcome.  I wish we could have you join in all our reviews! (which isn't actually impossible...)
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #12 on: December 03, 2012, 12:14:35 AM »

I love the way you three interact with each other--that's what made it so fun. I was just messing with your post. :)

Sending a hello to everyone!
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
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re: Sandy including the long quoted text in her reply here

Not to pick on Sandy because we all do it, but only to use this as an example, we simply cannot continue to quote long posts as is done here.  Please, take the time to write a sentence about that you're replying to or reference the post in some other way than quoting it.

Space is becoming an issue at this forum.

If you have a question about this, pm me.

This post is in bold so hopefully everyone will see it and read it.
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #14 on: December 03, 2012, 09:00:28 AM »
Oops! I was going to go and fix it, but maybe I should leave it up as the example.

Thanks for letting me know saltine. :)
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #15 on: December 03, 2012, 09:15:20 AM »
I'll leave it up for a few days, then edit your post and take down mine.  As I said, it's an example of what's happening all over the forum, not just here.
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #16 on: December 12, 2012, 11:39:22 AM »
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Oldkid: Well, are we ready?
DeathImpacto: nah, let's sit around for an hour like last time!
IdeaThy12: I care about getting the review of Star Wars Episode II: The Clones Attack (or sumtin like that)
Oldkid: Attack of the Clones
IdeaThy12: I WAS CLOSE!
Oldkid: Makes a BIG difference you know… “Attack of..”
IdeaThy12: I didn't pay attention to the words -.-
DeathImpacto: BAD!
IdeaThy12: I paid attention to the quotes
Oldkid: You paid attention to most of them
DeathImpacto: DAME!  (Japanese)
IdeaThy12: uhhhh....right...  let's do this thang
Oldkid: Okay, so what was your favorite part of this film?
 IdeaThy12: favorite...part?
DeathImpacto: it had a lot of good quotes
IdeaThy12: uhhhhhhhh....' YODA KEEL!  :D

Oldkid: Yoda didn't "keel"
IdeaThy12: I know
DeathImpacto: Yoda never kills
Oldkid: What were your favorite quotes?
 IdeaThy12: "We came to save you"
DeathImpacto: "good job"
IdeaThy12: "Not again!"
Oldkid: "I hate it when he does that"
IdeaThy12: "Obi Wan is going to kill me"
Oldkid: "You're going to be the death of me."
DeathImpacto: "You don't want to sell me death sticks"
IdeaThy12: "I don't want to sell you death sticks"
DeathImpacto: "you want to go home and rethink your life"
IdeaThy12: "I want to go home and rethink my life"   *walks out of shop*
IdeaThy12: "Luke I am your"- WAIT! Wrong movie
DeathImpacto: XD
Oldkid: Wow, so quickly to forget...
Oldkid: Okay, some good quotes.  What about fights?
DeathImpacto: Yoda=awesomeness
IdeaThy12: heck with fights, let's do a movie review of QUOTES
Oldkid: Who'da thought a puppet could fight so good?
IdeaThy12: I KNOW, RIGHT?!
DeathImpacto: the clones' aim...
DeathImpacto: got worse
DeathImpacto: by...
DeathImpacto: a lot
IdeaThy12: Obi Wan's favorite hobby *uses sweet tone of voice*
Oldkid: How could Anakin and Obi Wan be so lame at the end of the movie when they were so awesome at the begining?
 IdeaThy12: Jar-Jar wasn't as big this time  :P
DeathImpacto: no…it sad
Oldkid: Thank the Creator  (creator of Star Wars)

IdeaThy12: uh-huh,  I figured that
Oldkid: He was only a little irritating this time because he was only on for a few minutes
IdeaThy12:  -.-  and he wasn't being a joke
 DeathImpacto: no idea
 IdeaThy12: Padmae?
Oldkid: What was she thinking? Did she lose her brains?
DeathImpacto: she wasn't?
IdeaThy12: quite possibly
Oldkid: Before she fell in love in Anakin, I mean...
DeathImpacto: creepy!
Oldkid: Which reminds me--- Love story, that's a big part of this movie.  Do you think it makes sense?
DeathImpacto: HECK NO
IdeaThy12: you gotta be pretty crazy to fall in love with that guy
DeathImpacto: she is like twice his age!
IdeaThy12: ...yes, yes she is
Oldkid: Creepy girl
IdeaThy12: Umm....Creepy GUY
Oldkid: Just.... creepy
IdeaThy12: not girl
Oldkid: Both.
IdeaThy12: no creepy girls were involved
DeathImpacto: ...
Oldkid: She's robbing the cradle
DeathImpacto: YES!
IdeaThy12: oh!
Oldkid: He's just... being creepy
DeathImpacto: SHE WAS BEING CREEPY! he was just creepy
DeathImpacto: she was creepy in a "I fell in love with and married a guy half my age" way
Oldkid: I think the love story was all kinds of creepy
DeathImpacto: that's why I'm ignoring that bit
Oldkid: Yeah, I want to marry someone who isn't supposed to marry anyone...
IdeaThy12: Indeed *nods thoughtfully*
 DeathImpacto: it was all kinds of wrong
IdeaThy12: fight wise: Padmae hitting the monster with her fight like an epic person

Oldkid: Padmae is an awesome fighter.  Great with a gun
IdeaThy12: then there was Ani controling the monster...
Oldkid: "You do not want to eat me"
IdeaThy12: Senator with a gun, outta the way!
DeathImpacto: Ani was more a cowboy there
IdeaThy12: Senator on a rampage! Outta the wayyyyyy!!!! AHHHHH!!!!
 Oldkid: There's an arena scene in the sixth episode that's awesome like this
IdeaThy12: "Master Obi Wan has lost a planet he has"
DeathImpacto: XD
Oldkid: Another awesome quote
IdeaThy12: yup yup
DeathImpacto: I think it would've been better if the kids laughed
IdeaThy12: ... they did!
DeathImpacto: they did? I missed it
IdeaThy12: yes, yes you did
Oldkid: Wake up next time
DeathImpacto: ...
 IdeaThy12: lol yup
IdeaThy12: Manamama  do doo do do doo
DeathImpacto: *pouts in corner*
IdeaThy12: sorry
Oldkid: So do you think that this is a better or worse movie than the first episode?
 IdeaThy12: better quotes… and Ani gets to get married
DeathImpacto: I like the quotes and action better in this one
Oldkid: Ani gets married-- is that a plus?
IdeaThy12: to Padmae
DeathImpacto: the love story bit… CUT IT OUT!
IdeaThy12: I dunno
Oldkid: The action was MUCH better. My favorite part is the chase near the beginning of the film. Everyone is falling and being caught, great.
IdeaThy12: Padmae with a gun AHHHHH!!!!
Oldkid: For me, this film is WAY better. It looked better.  The plot actually made sense
DeathImpacto: you like the starts of these films... don't you?
Oldkid: Not the third episode
DeathImpacto: don't remember all the details of that
 IdeaThy12: I remember sumtin about Ani an' Lava and kids
Oldkid: Shhhhhhhh..
 IdeaThy12: :)
DeathImpacto: NO SPOILERS!
IdeaThy12: just stating facts
IdeaThy12: R2 was epicness as per usual
Oldkid: The movie was actually funny instead of the first one, which was not really funny at all
Oldkid: Ideathy, how would you rate this one?
IdeaThy12: 4.5/5
Oldkid: Same as the first? Do you put them on the same level?
IdeaThy12: dang, none of them Star Wars movies are gonna get 5/5
DeathImpacto: I rate it blue out of five!^^
IdeaThy12: wow Death...just wow
Oldkid: Blue...
DeathImpacto: XD
Oldkid: That's .... good
IdeaThy12: I rate it Outerspace/5 then
 DeathImpacto: LOLXD
Oldkid: I think our ratings are getting out of control here
DeathImpacto: NAH! this is normal me!
Oldkid: Our ratings have gone all roujin
IdeaThy12: ... Raj!
 Oldkid: That was last marathon
 Oldkid: What kind of ratings would you give the first film? With your new rating system?
DeathImpacto: ma-ma(so-so)
IdeaThy12: Death Star/5 :)
Oldkid: So, DI, you like Ep 2 better than Ep 1?
DeathImpacto: yes
Oldkid: Why?
DeathImpacto: beats me… I like commenting, had more to comment on?
Oldkid: Comment on this film?  Like what?
DeathImpacto: ... the quotes
Oldkid: ID-- since outerspace is better than deathstar, you like this better than the first?
IdeaThy12: yes, I liked this one better.  Ani don't 'splode things this time 'round... but hey, it's still better
DeathImpacto: lots-a-laughs
Oldkid: Certainly the humor is good. But Ani is irritating in this movie.
DeathImpacto: meh
IdeaThy12: "This is why I hate flying!"
Oldkid: He's the Jar-Jar of this film
DeathImpacto: so?  :)
Oldkid: He’s the one who almost ruins the film. He's not only creepy but irritating
IdeaThy12: and pins things on everyone else
DeathImpacto: I like him less than Jar-Jar
Oldkid: Except when he's talking to Obi Wan
DeathImpacto: yes, him and Obi, man
IdeaThy12: "Far more powerful than you old man" Look who's talkin'
Oldkid: So which is the better duo: Obi Wan and Anakin or C3PO and R2?

DeathImpacto: R2 alone
IdeaThy12: 3PO & R2 AND Obi Wan and Anakin!
Oldkid: I haven't heard a single quote from R2
DeathImpacto: so? R2 is so awesome... if he spoke he's blow our minds
Oldkid: Here's a quote: "I'm beside myself!"
Oldkid: Here's another quote: "Beep beep boop beep"
IdeaThy12: "This is such a drag..."
DeathImpacto: Obi and Ani are very quoteable
Oldkid: I think 3P0 really comes into his own in the first trilogy, but in this film Anakin and Obi Wan are a great team
DeathImpacto: R2 and 3PO less so... 'til later
Oldkid: Exactly
 DeathImpacto: I still like R2… best out of all characters, combined with 3PO for humor
Oldkid: They used to be called the Laurel and Hardy of Science Fiction
IdeaThy12: "He'll be the death of me..." Wait...that was the previous film
 Oldkid: R2 is the smartest
IdeaThy12: Jar-Jar got wrinkles

Oldkid: Really?
IdeaThy12: rlly
Oldkid: Didn't notice
IdeaThy12: I did
 DeathImpacto: yeah, Jar-Jar got older
Oldkid: If only he got smarter
IdeaThy12: he didn't get a mustache
DeathImpacto: no…then we wouldn't know who he was
Oldkid: In my (boring) rating system, I'll have to give this film a 4.5/5
IdeaThy12: who wants to sing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time songs with me?!
DeathImpacto: I still rate it blue
Oldkid: It was very entertaining and while I can't forgive the stupid, unbelievable love story, or how creepy Anakin is, there is a lot going for it which we already mentioned: Funny and action and chase :scene and all
DeathImpacto: yeah
IdeaThy12: "Agressive Negotiations"
Oldkid: Great quote
DeathImpacto: yes… they were used a lot
IdeaThy12: yes they were
Oldkid: lol
Oldkid: Ummm, I'm not internet stupid
IdeaThy12: *faints*
DeathImpacto:…   I'm sitting silently in that corner
Oldkid: *picks her up and puts her face in ice water"
IdeaThy12: *No people were hurt in the making of this review*
 Oldkid: Any final comments on the film?
IdeaThy12: Ani is a stubborn brat in this film
 Oldkid: I must agree.
DeathImpacto: and slipping
Oldkid: Does every stubborn brat turn into a Sith Lord?
IdeaThy12: I think so
DeathImpacto: maybe …does that mean any of US are in trouble?  Are we gonna be Sith Lords?
 IdeaThy12: AND they make it too clear who the bad-guy is\ …hmph.  They make him have the SAME VOICE
 Oldkid: True, it's too obvious that the Chairman is the same as the Sith Lord.  I think it is the limit of the actor, actually.
 IdeaThy12: they could at least made the actor make it deeper or something
Oldkid: Jim Dale (who read Harry Potter), he'd have a different voice, for sure
DeathImpacto: or...Sith
Oldkid: There's a lot of weaknesses with this film.  But it is still a lot of fun
IdeaThy12: and we ignore Death
DeathImpacto: yes… you do
Oldkid: Death?  Darth?
DeathImpacto: no, Death
Oldkid: DarthImpacto
 IdeaThy12: …just wow
DeathImpacto: o.o
 Oldkid: IDarthy
DeathImpacto: I'm a Sith! I had NO IDEA
 Oldkid: The Dark Side has taken over my daughters!
IdeaThy12: OldAni
DeathImpacto: I'm a cheerful Darth!
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #17 on: December 12, 2012, 05:28:22 PM »
"Ani? My goodness, you've grown."

Best quote ever!

Also, this film is the worst Star Wars movie. The one scene I've seen since I first watched it looked ticky-tacky.


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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
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Your dad may know lol, but what's with the Little Orphan Annie eyes o.o? Maybe I could use a tutorial. Great rating system btw! Oh, and best pick up line ever:

"Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi's life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love."

You know, so he can truly be a good for Jedi. I wonder how many girls he's used that line on.
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Re: Kimes Movie Night Marathon
« Reply #19 on: December 14, 2012, 05:30:36 PM »

"Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi's life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love."

Uh...probably only Padmae...she's the one he's madly (and dangerously) in love with...
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