Author Topic: Remove one character off a title, then write a short synopsis of the new movie  (Read 8915 times)


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2 Hour Party People - A would be impresario's failed attempt to spark a musical movement in a retirement community.

HEY!  ;)

Sorry.  I'll change mine to

24 Hour Arty People - The museum exhibitions and poetry readings go on all night and into the next day.

Or how about....

50 Fist Dates or The Fist Wives Club - Make of that what you will

We Wee Soldiers - A platoon of toy soldiers is shipped off to Vietnam.
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Sorry, but I had to bump this thread, it was hilarious way back when. Anyone got some new ones?
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Potlight An investigation into the dark underside of legal weed

Hiplash An outing for a group with osteoporosis goes horribly wrong

Sin Street Low budget remake of Frank Miller's classic


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LMAO on all those, Dave.
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A detective who dresses up in Renaissance garb tries to solve a missing-person case with the help of a prostitute.

One of my favorites!
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