My favorite action climax among the following is...

Toy Story: The Chase - Rocket Power
1 (12.5%)
A Bug's Life: Flik's Bird Attacks - Hopper's Demise
0 (0%)
Toy Story 2: To the Airport - Takeoff!
1 (12.5%)
Monsters Inc.: The Door Vault
1 (12.5%)
Finding Nemo: Pelicans - The Fishing Net
0 (0%)
The Incredibles: The Incredibles vs. The Omnidroid
2 (25%)
Cars: California Race
0 (0%)
Ratatouille: Dinner Rush
2 (25%)
Wall-E: All Feet on Deck
0 (0%)
Up: Rescue Kevin - Atop the Dirigible
0 (0%)
Toy Story 3: The Dump - End of the Line
1 (12.5%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Author Topic: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax  (Read 1244 times)


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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2014, 11:40:19 PM »
I'd go

Toy Story - Classic, iconic, CINECAST!ing awesome. A real wowzer and a screenwriting 101 example of how to tie the narrative together in perfect unity.
Monsters Inc. - Visual mastery. Pure fun.
A Bug's Life - Punctuates the theme in a powerful way. The climax is a mixture of hope and fear. It also gives one of the most powerful villains of Pixar's a brutal yet foreshadowed comeuppance.

Toy Story 2 - Extremely satisfactory. "Well, let's find out!" Epic, I shed a tear. A precursor to Monsters Inc. with the conveyor belts, but it's ultimately better executed there than here.
Ratatouille - A truly WTF, is this really happening? collection of scenes. Hilarious too, but the ending is far more memorable for what comes before and what comes after.

The Incredibles - It's a big battle, well-edited, not much different than most big superhero battles, but fun.
Cars - Again, much like The Incredibles, it's fine, "the big race", everything ties together nicely, it's funny, but it's just not as memorable, satisfying, or unique as my top 4. I also feel that the flashbacks feel a little forced here.

Toy Story 3 - Lightly manipulative? Forcing a iconography? Ehhhh, I am quite mixed about this ending, even though I have to give Pixar credit for going there.

Finding Nemo - It begins well, but I ultimately dislike this climax. It's mostly the Net scene. It just kind of comes out nowhere? It doesn't hearken back to much that happened in the actual plot, it's more like, "I learned my lesson and here is how I implement it!" Yuck.
Wall-E - I had to read 1SO's chapter review to even remember this scene. A lot of fat people roll over and Wall-E may die (but he won't, Pixar starts on its roll of "lets fake-out the audience by almost killing the protagonist" cliche).
Up - Uhhhhh, two old men fight and some stuff happens. Completely forgettable.
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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
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I do like the rocket chase, but it is the Dinner Rush that wins for me.


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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
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This is a tough choice.  Toy Story really is the classic, and there's enough complexity to really keep it going.  Dinner Rush is a lot of fun but the true climax is the review.  The Incredibles kinda falls flat for me, except where the kids are involved, which adds that extra layer of vulnerability/pride that all parents feel.

My favorites though are not from my favorite Pixar films:
Monster's Inc is an organized mess, anything could and does happen.
A Bug's Life is the most dramatic, and the very end is pretty brutal but satisfying.
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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
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Thanks for putting this all together 1SO. I've enjoyed revisiting these scenes. My choice is Toy Story 2. Scene added upon scene, each one greater than the last.

Me second choice would be Toy Story and I echo Totoro, "tie{s} the narrative together in perfect unity."
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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
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I have no idea how to rank these.
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Re: Pixar's Elite Eleven and the Big Action Climax
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The Incredibles. Bird makes it look effortless. Although, I think I like Ratatouille as a film more.