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Re: The Completist Marathon
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Lolita, Stanley Kubrick

This film displays, without special effects or wandering out of the Hays Code, exactly what a genius Kubrick is. The script is interesting, an edited version of the authors seven hour script, but it is the filmmaking that is on display here.

I don't think it was the intention of the author to make a comedy, but that's exactly what happened. Not only are we given the surrealistic, non-objective point of view of the protagonist, but we are also standing beyond him, critiquing his point of view, and wondering what is really going on-- ultimately, we are laughing at his milquetoast, self-centered, guilty persona.

Digging though the text, I also think this is a critique of adult v. teen perspective, a difference in hormonal balance. Lolita seems to go after any man... but in reality, she is after sexual and reproductive freedom, and uses her sexuality at times as a means to obtain that freedom. This is disgusting and offensive to the adults, but that is because her actions curtail their freedom to use her as an object of their own desires.

In the end, I think this a thematic genius of a film, and despite the discomfort of the subject matter, it is so smart, filled with so many great performances, and layered in points of view, I will certainly visit it again and expect to get even more out of it next time.
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