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Re: Westerns
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Son of Paleface - Regarded as the better film because of Frank Tashlin, but this was only his 2nd feature and he was still developing bringing his animators eye into live action. I don't have a preference between the two Paleface films. They mesh together in my mind.

The Big Sky - I still enjoy the film, but agree with everything you say. It's probably too high on my ranking of Hawks.

The Lusty Men - Because Nicholas Ray made some iconic films - Rebel Without a Cause, Johnny Guitar, In a Lonely Place - this one gets overlooked. It's a career high point for Ray, Mitchum, Kennedy and Hayward. This is a major reason why I'm a fan of those three actors.

Hangman's Knot - This is one I haven't seen. Was planning to watch it with you, but now there's no motivation except for the fact that eventually I watch everything.

Calamity Jane - This is an attempt to recapture the musical magic of Annie Get Your Gun. Doris Day has never been so over-the-top, but few actors have ever played any part this big. There are two wonderful musical numbers and a really fun duet. I own the movie for that (and because I found it for $5.)