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Re: The Revenant
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I don't see it as incompetence so much as a stubborn adherence to a code of honor. I do think it was overplayed to the point of being silly, but I think the motivations were pretty clearly expressed.

This is how I took it.. he was pissed as he expected the men to honor their word and paid accordingly but that honor was not followed.  I did't find the script that bad.  What did have to get overlooked is how quickly he heals and snaps back from such injuries.  I know they do try to partially address it by having him cared for by the Native American for a night or so.  But that doesn't address what certainly seemed like he had some broken bones after the bear attach seen. Maybe he wasn't meant to but certainly it looked like at least he had a broken leg.

I don't want to discount the effectiveness of some traditional medical treatments but also their also has to be some limitations for which didn't seem to get addressed.

I can easily see that the way certain things play out could destroy any enjoyment here but I was along for the ride.
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