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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2016, 12:38:55 AM »
That's a bingo. I've been known to oscillate between 9:30 and 12 on vacation. Was 9:30 today, so I might be back on the downswing.
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Re: Group Listening Booth
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #12 on: June 28, 2016, 01:48:19 AM »
That make it 8am Pacific?
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #13 on: June 28, 2016, 08:08:02 AM »
That would be correct. I'm probably going to linger in chat leading up to that time.

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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #14 on: June 28, 2016, 09:10:55 AM »
Ugh - in class. Was looking forward to this.
Maybe next time.
Hey, nice marmot!


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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #15 on: June 28, 2016, 11:04:29 AM »
Well, that was the bee's knees. My day is already made and it's only noon!
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #16 on: June 28, 2016, 11:15:38 AM »
I don't listen to, and think about, albums as a singular unit often enough. I am of my generation. Some things have been lost.


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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #17 on: June 28, 2016, 11:20:25 AM »
Thanks everyone! It made my day too. I'll be adding some of the chat soon, to the thread...

Ugh - in class. Was looking forward to this.
Maybe next time.

St. Martin, still share! Love to hear your thoughts. :)


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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #18 on: June 28, 2016, 12:27:23 PM »
I still have Abbey Road in my head... it will stay a long time.  Happy.
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Re: Group Listening Booth
« Reply #19 on: June 28, 2016, 02:31:37 PM »
Abbey Road  Chat  (Press play and follow along. :) )

Sandy: okay, ready set...
Sandy: go!

"Come Together"
Junior: I've sung this song with the lyrics in front of me and I still don't know what they are or what they mean.
oldkid: When I was younger I spend hours trying to figure it out.
colonel_mexico: lol
Bondo: I was saying to col. that other than Please Please Me, I don't have a lot of experience with The Beatles in album form, just as singles.
oldkid: That was a mistake
Bondo: This as a Track 1 seems odd to me
Junior: I've got Toejam Football, all day every day
Sandy: :))   
oldkid: He shoot coca cola... that's gotta be uncomfortable
Sandy: unless it's a super soaker
colonel_mexico: lol 
Junior: I can tell you that the weird whispery parts at the end of the chorus is saying "shoot me"
oldkid: Okaaaaaay....
Bondo: Does this have something to do with drugs...
Junior: the music is really great. um, obviously
Bondo: I'm just going to type that after every song
oldkid: I would, but so obvious
Junior: the bass is great
colonel_mexico: yeah the bass is awesome
Junior: I think it's about math 
Sandy: what is your earliest memory of the Beatles?
Junior: I got into the beatles when the remasters came out while I was in college. '10?
oldkid: My earliest memory is my friends and I in my garage singing Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band at the top of our voices. I must have been eight.
colonel_mexico: imagine is my first memory, but think that is a john lennon only song
Junior: i'm actually kinda angry at my parents for not introducing me earlier
Bondo: I googled Come Together lyrics and Google decided I meant Aerosmith's cover
colonel_mexico: yeah sgt peppers was one i listened to a lot in high school days
Bondo: I listened to a lot of Beatles when I was young, but playing the Rock Band version really opened my eyes to the depth of it
oldkid: My parents had all these albums and not a single Beatles. They confessed to me that they never liked the band
oldkid: I was stunned
colonel_mexico: wow
oldkid: Never spoke to them about music again
colonel_mexico: my folks too, weird
Junior: lol, parents are the worst
Sandy: yes
Junior: Me, too, Bondo, with the rock band

oldkid: Something is one of the best ballads ever
Sandy: love this song
colonel_mexico: such a happy tune
Bondo: Yeah, Come Together is fun, but Something is great
Bondo: love the drum syncopation here
Junior: i sometimes wish these songs were longer, but you can't really knock it for being so great and knowing when to quit
oldkid: Come Together has a fantastic hook. Something sticks in your head and you are so happy to have it hang out as long as possible.

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" 
Junior: this was one of my first Beatles songs
Junior: it's pretty funny
oldkid: Okay, I remember the movie Sgt Peppers (which I secretly loved as a kid) and Steve Martin played Maxwell. Silly fun.
Junior: love the juxtaposition of the sonic qualities and the story
Junior: and when he can't keep a straight face (voice?) back there a bit
Junior: hilarious
Sandy: cracks himself up
oldkid: So great.
Bondo: this song isn't about a kid braining a girl there is less gory metaphor?
oldkid: But is he laughing at the song?
Junior: i think it's pretty strightforward, bondo
oldkid: Rose and Valarie remind me of a scene in the Brothers Karamazov
Junior: i always chalked them up to the people who marry lifer prisoners
Bondo: cow bell
Sandy: fever
"Oh! Darling"
Bondo: After that interlude, cue the pure emotional angst
Junior: I always liked the screamy Beatles songs, even if I generally don't like screamy songs in general
oldkid: O Darling isn't a great song. But it is great to sing at the top of your voice.
colonel_mexico: feels like such a dancing song, i really like this one
Bondo: Oh, I love Oh! Darling
Sandy: i love this one so much too.
oldkid: WHEN YOU TOLD ME...
colonel_mexico: lol 
Junior: love the ooh
oldkid: Great singing, colonel...
colonel_mexico: thx   
Sandy: :)   
Junior: i feel like this would be a good, if difficult, karaoke song
oldkid: Wonderful. I'd love to do it.
Bondo: Yeah, crazy hard...I don't have a good scream-sing voice
colonel_mexico: oh man this would be tough, but so much fun
oldkid: Over the top dramatic.
colonel_mexico: very dramatic
Sandy: is that why you don't think it's a great song, oldkid?
colonel_mexico: think thats why i like it lol
oldkid: Just very simple, not much to it.
oldkid: I do love singing it

"Octopus's Garden"
colonel_mexico: this is my least favorite song on the album
colonel_mexico: though the lyrics are cute
oldkid: I over-listened to it when I had kids
Sandy: it's a breather song, after the last one
Junior: I'm not sure I ever came around to loving this one. I kinda like Ringo singing it, but it's pretty fluffy
oldkid: Or over-sang it.
oldkid: I love Ringo's vocals
Junior: of course, I know all the lyrics
oldkid: And the opening notes
Bondo: Not on the same album as Yellow Submarine, somehow
Junior: and here is where it loses me a bit
Bondo: a song that is better musically than its lyrics deserve
Junior: though the guitar solo's pretty great
oldkid: very much so

"I Want You (She's So Heavy)"      
Bondo: ooh, we're gonna slow things up a bit
Junior: I think this one goes on too long
oldkid: I want you takes this album to another level
colonel_mexico: another karaoke tune
Bondo: way too long for karaoke, people will hate you
Junior: yeah, i was just gonna say
colonel_mexico: i feel like i need a cigarette and ray bans while listening to this
oldkid: I don't think it is too long. I love... LOVE the sudden ending. It is a hypnotic trance, lulling you in and the drops you into emptiness.
Sandy: does anyone here like the Across the Universe film?
Junior: few songs over 5 minutes are good for karaoke, and this one, which just repeats over and over again would cause a revolt
colonel_mexico: yes that is a good one
Bondo: Bondo Collection certified
Junior: Yes!
oldkid: I love the scene in Across the Universe, but I don't like the cover
Junior: I actually really like this song in that movie
colonel_mexico: lol yeah i guess so, bad karaoke song
Sandy: yes, this song is one of my favorites of the movie. Very powerful
Sandy: I want you to all karaoke the harmonies
Bondo: "She's so heavy" is really something you should never say
Sandy: haha
oldkid: Not so good at harmony... although I think we could probably do as well as the Fab Four
colonel_mexico: lol
Sandy: yes, you could!
oldkid: You too, Sandy!
Sandy: fab five!
oldkid: !   
Junior: this is a pretty fun one on Rock Band, though, for all the shifts and stuff
Bondo: halfway point!
Junior: Beatles Rock Band is basically the only one that's good for the bass and guitar both
Bondo: It's like when Dave Matthews Band plays a 15 minute version of a 5:30 album song and you're like...get on with it.
colonel_mexico: theres no Rush rock band?
Sandy: I told my kids I want the beatles rock band for my birthday. Maybe they can find it on ebay
colonel_mexico: that would be so cool sandy
Sandy: I'd love it
oldkid: Bad Karaoke song because the best part is the end, just repeating the part over and over...
colonel_mexico: i like the darkness of the ending of this song
colonel_mexico: like a storm blowing in
oldkid: I always turn up the volume here, especially when the wind noise comes up
Bondo: I'm listening to this as The Beatles intended...on laptop speakers...should probably get headphones
Sandy: turning it up, in your honor, oldkid!
Junior: i've already got it pretty well cranked...
Bondo: headphones allow me to go louder
Junior: i appreciate this bit, but the song kinda leaves me cold generally speaking
oldkid: Really, this is one of my favorite musical sections... very Floyd
Sandy: true
colonel_mexico: yeah very floyd
oldkid: See, right there!
oldkid: Boom, gone.

"Here Comes the Sun"
oldkid: And then heads right into Here Comes the Sun?
Bondo: and now lightness to bring you back from the edge
oldkid: Very jarring
colonel_mexico: and we are back into the sunshine, phew
oldkid: And wonderful
Sandy: This is my earliest memory of the Beatles
oldkid: Phew is right
Junior: this gets a bad rap for being too, um, sunny, but I love it
oldkid: Do do do do
Junior: almost no better song to brighten an already bright day, I feel
Bondo: Yeah, it feels like it should be a detestable song but you love it
Sandy: When I was little, my sister and I were in a dance class and we danced to it.   
colonel_mexico: i didnt like it when i first heard it, but playing it with a friend really got me into it
oldkid: Great song for kids to dance to
oldkid: Great guitar licks
colonel_mexico: totally, i think this is a george written song, but i might be wrong
Junior: i really like the fuzziness
Bondo: I think I like The Beatles best when they do love/heartbreak Something/Oh Darling so far...but also from Please Please Me stuff like Anna and Chains
oldkid: Yeah, it's George. But the tone could be Paul
colonel_mexico: right
Junior: love the guitar after "it's alright"
Junior: like, that's the shit right there
oldkid: yeah

Sandy: uh oh, here they come... :'(
Junior: I think this is second only to Yesterday for the sub 3:00 beatles songs
oldkid: I really like Alice Cooper's cover of Because-- a capella
colonel_mexico: i like these sad ones
oldkid: But you can't beat the harmonies here
Sandy: choral quality
Junior: and the horns
oldkid: Has to be John. Makes as much sense as Come Together
Sandy: have you ever listened to this outside, laying on the grass, looking up?
colonel_mexico: the piano parts are always so amazing, another great one
oldkid: I've listened to this album in every setting imaginable, I think
Sandy: every? :)   
oldkid: Prob not
colonel_mexico: the best place i remember listening to this was driving around in idaho
Junior: Outer? Space?
Bondo: Did you type that in the cadence of Adam Driver?
Junior Please Mr. Kennedy
Sandy: some of my favorite Beatles listening has been on the road too.
oldkid: Never listened to it on the planet Dune, which might be awesome
colonel_mexico: lol jr

"You Never Give Me Your Money"      
oldkid: I love the haunting beginning of this song, then it turns very chipper Junior: I always feel like I like this song when I listen to it then I forget it almost immediately afterwards
Bondo: This song is about Brexit, right?
colonel_mexico: lol
oldkid: lol
Junior: ha
Bondo: Billy Joel has a thing about writing...I think Scenes From An Italian Restaurant...and he references this song and how all over the place it is
Junior: it's pretty out there
oldkid: But it really works
Bondo: Yeah, like this a lot
Bondo: love this riff
oldkid: Its what I love about the final third of the album.. it's a symphony
Junior: and that's the Beatles in a nutshell, well, at least some of the time
oldkid: So many different pieces, yet they flow so beautifully together
oldkid: George martin was truly a genius
colonel_mexico: its like watching a movie, but through an album
Sandy: the greatest!
oldkid: Exactly.... exactly!
Junior: it's pretty astonishing. on a whole 'nother level

"Sun King"      
"Mean Mr. Mustard"      
"Polythene Pam"      
"She Came in Through the Bathroom Window"
Bondo: Next four songs might be first listens
Junior: I've not gone through this one in a row since I first listened to it, I think.
oldkid: Some of the pieces are really silly, like Sun King, but it fits with Mean Mr. Mustard, transitioning into She Came in... so great
oldkid: Forgot Polythene Pam
Bondo: "Here comes the sun" king?
oldkid: This album also deeply influenced Alan Parsons, who was an assistant producer here and then produced Dark Side in a few years
Junior: i can feel that, oldkid
Bondo: Big fan of Alan Parsons stuff actually
Sandy: I have a soft spot in my heart for Alan Parsons
Junior: I do very much like that transition
oldkid: Me too.
colonel_mexico: always shouts out something obscene!
oldkid: More screamy lyrics yea
Bondo: APP's Gaudi is on my top 10 albums alongside Beatles Please Please Me
Bondo: "she's really good looking but she looks like a man"...I don't understand the but in that sentence
Junior: all these mini songs are really wonderful together, but I'm not sure I'd listen to them separately
oldkid: I'd listen to She Came in Through alone
oldkid: But I'd rather hear them as a unit
Junior: correct me if I'm wrong, Bondo, but aren't they all together in Rock Band?
Bondo: it's like musicals where you have these songs that are good narratively but aren't things you pull for a medely
Junior: oh, yeah, agreed, oldkid
Bondo: Hmm, were these DLC?
Junior: maybe
oldkid: Joe Cocker's version of she came in through is fantastic
Sandy: love the harmony on "Didn't anybody tell her?"
Junior: Here's a story for you...
oldkid: Didn't anybody SEEEE?
oldkid: Oh yeah...
oldkid: Okay, getting chills now
Bondo: These tracks are so short...trackwise you hit the halfway point, but they just fly by
Junior: Joe Cocker was my first concert, so I always thought he was the guy who wrote 'With a Little Help From My Friends"
oldkid: lol
Junior: wow, that was a great run      

"Golden Slumbers"
colonel_mexico: 'sleep pretty darling do not cry, and i will sing a lullaby...' sigh
Sandy: gosh, this ones tugs at the heart, for sure.
oldkid: This is my favorite "song", from here to the end
colonel_mexico: never had any kids, but this is something id sing to them
Sandy: that's very sweet
oldkid: I sang this to my kids all the time
colonel_mexico: :) 
Junior: did you yell it at them?
oldkid: Was pretty hard to sing the music part
Bondo: SLEEP!
oldkid: No, very soft.
oldkid: I was trying to put them to sleep
oldkid: I had a set of songs I would sing my kids every night, until they went to sleep
Junior: you're ruining the song! MUST MAINTAIN THAT MUSICAL INTEGRITY
oldkid: It was always perfect in my head

"Carry That Weight"
colonel_mexico: 'youre going to carry that weight'
Sandy: "Carry that weight a long time"
Sandy: ain't it the truth
Junior: I usually don't go much for just repeating the same thing over and over again, but Carry that Weight works for me

"The End"      
"Her Majesty"
oldkid: The sudden change between carry that weight and the next song is great
Junior: maybe because of what it is saying
oldkid: Ringos only long drum solo      
Junior: The End is such a great song
oldkid: The best
Junior: the drums are killer
colonel_mexico: wow what an album
oldkid: Not over yet
Bondo: "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." A good message to leave us on
Junior: I had that as my facebook quote or whatever for a long time early on
Sandy: so wonderful!
colonel_mexico: the whole gambit of emotions in 45 mins, the whole human experience
oldkid: It's true
Sandy: yes
Bondo: So Her that just a spotify thing?
colonel_mexico: lol nope
oldkid: No, that's the end of the album
oldkid: A final gag
Junior: well, that was special, friends

Sandy: So which of these songs is your favorite?
Bondo: You know, I was talking about I Want You not really working for me, but man does it capture the pain pretty acutely, even if not with variety
colonel_mexico: favorite is Golden Slumbers
Sandy: I wish someone had sung that song to me!
colonel_mexico: right thats why i like it
Sandy: It's a really great idea, Col.
Junior: before that I would have said "Something" or "Here Comes the Sun" but after I might have to go with the "Carry that Weight/The End" combo
colonel_mexico: yeah Carry That Weight/The End is great
Bondo: relistening to a couple...Oh! Darling might be my favorite though.
Sandy: If I could only have one, which I don't like that thought, I'd probably go with "Something."
oldkid: Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End
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