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Captain Fantastic
« on: August 07, 2016, 02:58:36 PM »
On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to see Captain Fantastic at the lovely Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida. I knew Viggo Mortenson was in it and just a little of the premise, the "off the grid" part of it.

I'm still unpacking my thoughts about it in general, but it was a rich experience in terms of thinking about decisions in raising children (much in the same way Boyhood did, but without the time-lapse), and also in terms of how we relate to (or don't relate to) people whose experiences and points-of-view are different than others. 

I thought the cast was excellent all around, and while it seemed to range from family comedy (a road trip not unlike Little Miss Sunshine in moments) to rather intense drama and back again, it does feel to me like it tied together. I'm not 100% sold on the ending.

Obviously, I didn't get my thoughts together - but here's what's bugging me. I am pretty sure the other night I fell asleep with my podcast player on continuous play, and somewhere remember hearing someone discussing this movie.  I looked back in my feeds, and don't find it in the Slate, Fresh Air, or Filmspotting 'casts within the past week. I remember two people mentioning Ann Dowd, whom I've always liked as an actress. Shoot, maybe it wasn't even for this film.

I don't think the FS hosts have discussed it yet, and sadly if they have I've forgotten where/when I would have heard it. It's been that kind of summer.

I did find Terry Gross in a discussion with Matt Ross on the film and his particular background tie-in with growing up in an alternative community, at least in part. I don't think it particularly spoilers the movie in terms of plot.

Anyone else see the marketing for this and think it would have a somewhat lighter tone, a la Royal Tenenbaums or something? Maybe it's just the clothes and poses and stuff. I dunno, on the scale of such things it was less misleading than the US poster/video cover for "Beautiful People" or "The Unbelievable Truth," which looked way cheesier on the boxes (still VHS when I discovered both) than the film contents.

What IS with the title of this one?