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Re: A Decade of Filmspots
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Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki / Wolf Children (Mamoru Hosoda, 2012)

Once you get past the very mediocre opening (ten minutes or so), this is basically a Ghibli-style coming of age film that goes a little further into adolescence than Ghibli usually does. It's charming as hell when they're little kids, and very moving when they get older and the mother has to deal with them growing up. She's almost impossibly great, but I guess I'm fine with that... having a sister who is currently raising her two children alone (they're respetively 8 and 7) made this hit very close to home: I'll be sure to make them watch this as soon as I can. The wolf thing works surprisingly well as a metaphor, both for the father and the children: not a subtle one certainly, but it's treated very matter-of-factly, which helps. A shame about that opening though. I didn't care for Hosoda's Boy and the Beast because it completely devolved into shoddy teenage melodrama, and there's a bit of that in there, though he does handle the teenage Ame and Yuki well enough. Curious to see more from him now, Summer Wars being the obvious next one to watch.


Won Animated Film, beating Frozen, Kokuriko-zaka kara/From Up on Poppy Hill, Monters University and Despicable Me 2... which I have seen none of. Certainly a worthy winner in a vacuum though.