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Re: #599: Fall Movie Preview (2016) / Hell or High Water / Nordic #6 - 1001 Grams
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The entirety of Hell or High Water flows towards that conclusion. Meanders streamlike more so.

I couldn't grasp what it was in those first 15 minutes you found so obvious Adam but you were trying to be ambiguous and non spoilers.
I wondered whether it was that Foster wouldn't survive the movie and it was written as if he couldn't survive. But it's great in Bridges final speech how he tells that Foster enjoyed bank robbing and he would have kept doing it whether he had a reason or not.
Btw Josh. the windmill is moving pretty fast towards the end of that scene. It's the noise as a signal of decay when there are the resources there to be used if people are given the chance and not sucked dry that I took from that and is borne out in the movie. Not all doom and gloom at all.
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