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Re: #608: Kelly Reichardt (Certain Women) / CIFF Roundup / Bunuel Marathon #2
« Reply #10 on: November 01, 2016, 12:38:42 PM »
I haven't yet heard the podcast but I have seen the movie.  I guess I'm just not enough of an art-house guy.  The Laura Dern and Michelle Williams stories struck me as aimless and pointless.  Re the Laura Dern story, maybe a small thing but what the police chief asked Laura Dern to do would never, ever happen in real life and I had trouble getting past that.  I'd add that the very next scene with her client could have been an occasion for drama or at least some plot development but she spends it reading extracts of his case file to him--a wasted opportunity.  The third story had some genuine feeling--I guess you'd call it pathos--but was also pretty thin fare.

So it left me flat.  What did I miss?
I'd recommend listening to the interview and our comments after. Might not change your mind, but might help see what Reichardt is after. For example, "drama" just isn't really on her mind. What's at stake in that scene with her client and the stand-off isn't whether something really 'exciting' will happen, but him just wanting to be heard.
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