Author Topic: #621: Top 5 Political Resistance Films / Battle of Algiers / Bunuel #5-Tristiana  (Read 363 times)


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With the opening weeks of the new administration marked by political protest, Adam and Josh invite critic Michael Sicinski to share his Top 5 Political Resistance Movies. Plus, they cross off a major shared blind spot the seminal resistance film THE BATTLE OF ALGIERS (1966) and discuss the next film in their Luis Bunuel Marathon, TRISTANA.

I think I'd love how awkward it'd be, or how awkward it should be.


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For your reading and viewing pleasure, two items about recommends from guest Michael Sicinski:

A recent review of Daisies

Interview with Ken Jacobs

You can also find the film mentioned on YouTube

And somewhat related to the theme of this week's show, may I recommend Salt of The Earth (1954)


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I think Matty and I did Salt of the Earth as a Listener's Choice a while back.
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I always figure the best way to be humble in thanks is to say nothing, but I was especially floored by the shout out by Josh of both my Name and my Forum handle around 27:30. Thanks, seriously.


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Really enjoyed this episode, especially the top 5s. I didn't realize that I enjoyed Political Resistance films so much entire I heard the top 5 lists and so many were on my all-time favorite list. I appreciated Michael Sicinski's contributions with the avant garde inclusions. Generally, I'm not a fan of the genre, and 'Fireworks' and 'Daisies' were not films I loved-- but I did appreciate for what they were trying to convey. I think there is an added layer of rebellion in these experimental films. They're not only rebelling against an agenda in their content, but also in their form.

I was very happy to see 'Army of Shadows' at Adam's #1 slot. I think resistance during WW2 could be it's own top 5. 'Come and See' is one of the greatest of that genre and would fit well on the list.

Two films that would take my top 2 spots are 'Z' by Costa-Gavras and 'La Haine'. 'Z' is hands down the best political thriller I've ever seen and 'La Haine' may be the most powerful. 'Do The Right Thing' was mentioned a few times during the podcast, and 'La Haine' is very comparable, but in my opinion, packs an even bigger punch-- and I like 'Do The Right Thing' immensely.
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