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Re: Questions to find out more about you!
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What is the best place you've visited/lived?

For many years Paris was the default answer but with age I more and more have come to appreciate the sea, so I'll say Nice. It has the most perfect combination of beach and city that I know of. The lived part is easier to answer. I have only lived within the Gothenburg region.

What is the most romantic thing anyone has done for you? (PG, please!)

We watched a dog for a friend once a week for a few months. When our help no longer was needed I said to my wife: "When you die I am going to get a dog!" She is older than I am and not fond of animals in general. After two months or so she asked how the plans proceeded, and thus we got Dylan:

What is your favorite food or drink?

Food: seafood. Drink: mineral water.

Robin William's genie appears to give you one wish for your life-- what is it?

Freedom from work.

Who has passed away that you miss the most?

Each and everyone that passes away inevitably leaves a hole that cannot be filled.

Tell us a story of culture shock you've experienced.

Visiting Tokyo last year wasn't shocking as such, more bewildering in a very enchanting way

What event most changed your life for the better?

I had to go through rehab for alcoholism some years ago. During the process I learnt many things about myself and I came out as much richer and more self assured person afterwards.

What event changed your life for the worse?

We can start learning a third language in middle school and at the time I went there we could chose between German and French. Today Spanish often is a third option. I took German for which I have had zero use later in life. Had I chosen French back then I might have been bold enough to open some unknown doors later in life.
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Re: Questions to find out more about you!
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German's fantastic.
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