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Re: Top 100 Club: Bondo
« Reply #200 on: October 15, 2021, 08:01:10 AM »
Cabin in the Woods

Hmm, I didn't really get on so well with this one. Concerning the comedy, I think my sense of humour is calibrated for things far stupider than this. Scary Movie 1 & 2 are like the pinnacle of horror/comedy for me, if that helps you imagine where I'm coming from. So it's kind of one of those situations of, when you're not enjoying the humour you start to wonder what the film would be like without it. I thought about the film 13 Ghosts, which is structurally somewhat similar, however it takes itself seriously. I quite enjoyed it.

As I kid I watched professional wrestling... what was then the WWF. I remember how mind-blowing it was to watch a Royal Rumble (a match in which a new wrestler enters the ring every minute or so). Seeing the ring eventually be filled with dozens of these iconic characters battling it out all at once, compared to the usual 1 vs 1 type match, it was overwhelming and chaotic. To a degree Cabin in the Woods captures a similar feeling, except that I didn't find myself rooting for any particular monster, or getting chills when they are introduced. But the chaos... that was certainly present.

So for me not such a fun experience, though I feel I went in with the right attitude. Just not a good fit is all.


I didn't know what to expect here, except that I would see the source of Bondo's former avatar. Perhaps it's better not to describe Skallamann, and simply recommend it since it's short and available on youtube.

I imagine it's the kind of thing that when you think of it, you find yourself stopping what you're doing to go watch it again. Is this the best LGBTQ+ musical since Hedwig?


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Re: Top 100 Club: Bondo
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I consider Scary Movie 2 one of the worst films of all time, so I guess we're just coming from different places for humor. I do like that re the royal rumble, they almost build a sort of sadness/sympathy for the monsters...basically caged beasts. But yeah, if between this particular form of humor, and the meta-commentary isn't working, the film wouldn't have much to offer.

Anyway, glad to see Skallamann's 100% record kept up.