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Re: Junior Gets Schooled
« Reply #10 on: October 03, 2018, 11:12:21 AM »
Bedtime (Fleischer Bros, 1923)

An Out of the Inkwell short that combines pretty cool animation and live actions stuff (an obvious predecessor for "Duck Amok") plus the dream-sequence motif that seems to be pretty darn common in this era (maybe in animation in general?). There's barely any story, but the animation gets cooler and cooler as the movie continues. The Fleischer style is not yet fully developed, but you can see the beginnings of it with the wacky rubber-hose movement for Koko the Clown.

Betty Boop gets Read (Fleischer Bros, 1933)

Ah, this is what I was expecting from the Fleischers. There's an alive-ness here that almost becomes annoying, especially when its characters that should just be standing still and are instead bouncing for no reason other than that it is motion on screen. There's another kind of aliveness in the short that I like: the sense that anything (a house, for example) could come to life at any moment. That's fun. Boop herself pushes the limits of decency (especially in the bath memory sequence) and it's not surprising that she gets targeted in the Hays Code enforcement that will start shortly after the premiere of this film. This one is fun, it's just not exactly my thing.
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