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Filmspotters' Blogs
« on: October 17, 2008, 08:59:14 PM »
I got these links from those of you who posted in the Do you have a blog? thread.  If I need to add or delete, pm me please.

Junior: Every Day a Photo
            Benefits of a Classical Education
ˇKeith!:  Screend@
             The Sho 'Nuff
roujin: in the mood for film

sdedalus: The End of Cinema

m_rturnage:  Too Much Time On My Hands 
ses: Sarah's Kitchen Adventure

Sam the Cinema Snob : Cinema Sights
Bill Thompson: Bill's Movie Emporium

Solid Blake: Moving Pictures in Technicolor
                The Geek Bomb

FLYmeatwad: Multiplatform
                  Poem a Day Project V.2

With fronds like these...:What I Reckon

corndog: Corndog Chats Cinema
             Corndog Chats Life


MartinTeller:  Martin Teller's Movie Blog

Oldkid:Just Another Movie Blog
           Philosophical Questions
           Just Another Photography Blog

oneaprilday: A Journal of Film

Bondo: The Movie Review Warehouse

DarkeningHumour:Pretensiously Yours

edgarchaput: Between the Seats

NedMeier: Nedflix

Mandrake:  Nat's Media Rap

GothamCity151: A Blog For Pictures (The Ones That Move)

spikesgal:  Opinionated Movie Reviews

filtyting: PaleyFilms

cinema, now: cinema, now

TL8706: Audible Motion

dheaton: Public Transportation Snob

Froham: Just Atad

Lobby: The Velvet Café

harveyzissou: Harvey's: Diary of a Movie Geek


Life as Fiction: Life as Fiction

film500: film500

MP: idFilm

Ryan McNeil: The Matinee

Eleanor: Raymond K Hessel's Day

Paul Phoenix: Movie Liberty

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