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Re: Politics
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Why do you put Sanders and Biden in the same box? Just because they're old white men?

Speaking for myself: basically, yes. Biden is 76 and is really showing his age. Bernie is 78 and seems more spry, but still, both are nearing the average male life expectancy. Why push our luck when there are a number of other very solid candidates? (Who I think have much better policies and approaches)


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Re: Politics
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I would generally consider dying in office a minimal issue. The VP from the same party takes over, things are fine. The problem is when they decline rather than die and are actually a liability. Biden does seem to be a little scattered in a way that doesn't comfort me. Presidents are heads of state and their words matter. We need someone who can communicate more clearly than Biden (and with less hate than Trump).

Bernie's age doesn't concern me as much rather his general Bernieness. I detest the way he positions himself as outside the Democratic Party with the implication that the Party is bad. I find that largely unforgivable (though because unlike him I am a member of the Party, I would vote for him if he was the candidate). I also think he is fundamentally naive about public policy. It's not just a question of none of his policies could pass...even if he could enact them by fiat, they would be bad policies with all kinds of unintended consequences.

So Biden and Bernie make me grate my teeth for very different reasons.