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Re: Box Office discussion
« Reply #140 on: November 27, 2019, 07:41:40 PM »
Yeah, I'm on board with that, unless reviews and the surprise factor for this are somehow off the charts. Obvi JJ cashed in hard on nostalgia, that and the time period between it and 'the good ones' likely got some repeat viewings if I recall correctly. Think that the online toxicity around TLJ is maybe a touch overblown in terms of its standing with the everyperson, but it was still a bit divisive for the type of film it is and hit in the midst of franchise (more specifically Star Wars) fatigue as the Disney merch machine was in full swing after the success of TFA. Which brings us to this one, which I imagine pushes back against Johnson a bit since JJ is a talentless filmmaker who has already shown a willingness to play things disgustingly safe, thus widening its appeal and theoretically giving the more gross portions of the fanbase less to push back on; mixed with being the last of the nonilogy, you have the potential for some repeat viewings if the quality is there, though for sure not an Endgame level since I'm pretty sure there's still some SW fatigue. That said, I haven't been hit with the merch too hard, though I'm in a different place now and just might not be seeing it as much, but I think that'll help. Will be interesting to see if Mando has a positive swing or if D+ reignites SW love before this sucker drops. Idk what TFA made, but I don't see this one outdoing it unless all the stars (lol) line up perfectly.

That said, I do kind of want to see it in Dolby Cinema, so maybe I'll even contribute to a second viewing.