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In the 2018 edition of Filmspotting Madness Best of the 90s the championship round had "Fargo" facing off against "Pulp Fiction." The Coen Brothers' "Fargo" pulled out a surprise victory over Tarantino's decade-defining masterpiece. So what surprises await us in this year's contest? The Coens are back with another strong entry 2007's Best Picture-winning "No Country for Old Men" but will their primary competitor be Tarantino again ("Kill Bill," "Inglourious Basterds")? Or maybe Paul Thomas Anderson ("There Will be Blood")? Or Christopher Nolan ("The Dark Knight")? And maybe don't rule out Michel Gondry's Charlie Kaufman-penned "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

This week on the show, Adam and Josh talk through this year's bracket with their Top 5 Easiest and Hardest First-Round Madness votes. Plus, the second film in the John Cassavetes Marathon, 1974's "A Woman Under the Influence."
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I had a similar reaction as Josh to not only the film itself but also its ability to make you question the ratings process. I watched this, "Daisies," and "Hausu" around the same time, and all three were the first time I really felt that these movies I heavily disliked were actually maybe great but just not for me.