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« on: October 05, 2019, 03:58:43 PM »
Am I the only one crazed enough to go see this sucker? Definitely peak Frat Boy Cinema, and, as such, I loved that aspect because it's all the best and worst parts of #FBC in one film. My theater seemed pretty divided on reactions coming out, which surprised me since I didn't think TP had it in him to make anything besides the most generic shit. But, you know what? I didn't completely hate War Dogs either, though think that was more because of the lead actors since the film itself wasn't that great. Guess that's the case here too, and damn if the score isn't a CINECAST!ing chore. Still, JP is a god, and the reveal at the end of it theoretically all just being a story that Arthur/Joker tells, without probably sacrificing the character work beforehand, is also the most ridiculous play to #FBC that could have been made. I need to start #FBC: The Podcast just to get to this at some point, because it's all there. The male rage, the Big Ideas that can so easily be interpreted incorrectly by the audience or the film itself, the hyperviolence, the silly mind CINECAST! reveals.

Wonder if JP sticks around for the new Batmen. Were it FLY, he'd allow R Pats to do his thang in the first one, tease JP at the end or a post-credits stinger ala BB (fitting in with TP's worship of #FBC idols without really 'getting it'), and then let that second one be their first encounter. But guess they maybe just toss him in that Batman since Joker seems to have at least started off with a bang in terms of how much money it pulled in, I suppose.

Also, might just be FLY, but you take this thing out of the 70's/80's/90's and put it in a modern context, I think that stand up routine could definitely work in the anti-comedy movement, and seems more appealing to me than actual stand up, which is largely the worst.