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Lobbying for Abbott and Costello
« on: February 06, 2020, 01:27:43 AM »
The current Filmspotting polls asks: What is your favorite acting duo of the 2010s? It lists some very fine suggestions, I'm sure many of you will have a clear front runner. But me? I had to go "Other". Basically, I think the aliens from Arrival, Abbott and Costello, are far and away the best choice. You might say they are just "playing themselves", but consider that we try to do crap like blow them up, they respond by kindly conveying the secrets to their language, and thereby their perception of the world (edit: of time). Total game changer. I'm a fan of stories featuring non-professional actors that are then able to show their natural talents emerge in their familiar environment, little is more authentic, and that's just what we're getting here in Arrival. So if you have the notion, please vote Other, and then write in Abbott and Costello from Arrival.

(I think the plea I made in the comments section of the poll was a bit better, I don't know. Jump on the wagon!)
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