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Re: Best Music of 2021
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Listened to that Little Simz track, sort of got lost in the beat, as that production evolves in a way that is somewhat rare for hip-hop or really any form of popular music. I might just sit down and give the album a listen. I couldn't really get into the lyrics, but hip-hop has to be listened to fairly carefully if you're really going to get anything out of it.

All explanations on Olivia Rodrigo are interesting. On one hand, it seems a bit like attempting to justify or give intellectual weight to the banal, ala "it's so artless it's experimental." Kind of like how Keanu Reeves has suddenly become "good" at acting, or at least some of his performances. On the other hand, these analyses set forth are in a sense too thoughtful to be dismissed out of hand. On the emotional rawness: For me, the whole concept of having this emotional outpouring after a break-up is hard to register. Love, I understand. Dwelling on break-ups in this heightened level of anguish, not as much, and certainly not the way Rodrigo expresses it. Musically and lyrically, I can't differentiate what she's doing that's different from what other young pop artists are doing or have done before.
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Re: Best Music of 2021
« Reply #11 on: January 20, 2022, 06:26:14 PM »

1. Donda Kanye West
2. Haram Armand Hammer and The Alchemist
3. Call Me If You Get Lost Tyler, the Creator
4. Blue Banisters Lana Del Rey
5. SOUR Olivia Rodrigo
6. DOG BOY - ZillaKami
8. OK Human - Weezer
9. Dark In Here the Mountain Goats
10. Pray For Haiti - Mach-Hommy
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Re: Best Music of 2021
« Reply #12 on: January 20, 2022, 10:35:19 PM »
Some certified FLY lifers there ala Kanye, JPEG, Weezer, and The Mountain Goats, OK, OK. I see you. I found your thoughts about Olivia Rodrigo interesting, so what about Lana Del Rey? And why Blue Banisters over Chemtrails over the Country Club? I tried with Norman CINECAST!ing Rockwell. I actually like quite a bit of that album, I think what she writes goes a bit beyond sad girl poetry. Musically, that album started getting that same-y feel, though overall I felt like I understood how people could get into her. But what about actual fans? Why makes a fervent Lana Del Rey fan?

I will say, I was not a huge fan of the previous JPEG, and haven't heard the new one, but I think I need to give it a go. He's pretty awesome.

Good to see the mutual love here for the Mach-Hommy. That is probably the new release I listened to most in 2021.

I liked Nas Magic more than King's Disease 2 which I thought was dope, too.

To me, all his work with Hit-Boy is just continuing the winning streak. You know how The Roots have been numbering their tracks continuously throughout their discography? I feel like the first track of KD should've been 1, going to 13 (count Spicy). KDII goes Track 14 to Track 28, then Magic 29-37. I have no issue with someone claiming Magic is better than KDII. With a few more listens, I might agree, but I think the whole run has just been amazing. People who are not keeping up or just dismiss Nas out of hand are missing out. KDIII dropping this year! An RTJV album would be nice, too!
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Re: Best Music of 2021
« Reply #13 on: January 21, 2022, 04:55:35 PM »
re: LDR

I think the run from Ultraviolence to NFR made me think her songs had the best melodies from any American artist that I listened to during that time period. I love her hooks/choruses, too. My favorite genre is hip-hop and I like her incorporation of 808s and drums in Honeymoon, Lust For Life, and Born to Die. On one end, she can give me a vibe like Old Money and Ride. On the other end, she can give me (edit) Summer Bummer. In between-ish, she can give me In My Feelings and Freak!  ;D

I love a bunch of the instrumentation, too. The opening chords to, for example, Ultraviolence and The Greatest....woo.

I got to her music rather late. After her Paradise EP. I heard her unreleased Angels Forever on college radio. I thought it was Ronnie Spector or Marianne Faithfull-y. That song got me.

Chemtrails and BB are too sparse for me, instrumentation-wise.
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