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Movies Watched in 2023
« on: January 02, 2023, 11:13:37 PM »
01/02My Best Fiend70Blu-RayWerner Herzog1999yes
01/03Argentina (Zonda: folclore argentino)75DownloadCarlos Saura2015
01/04Take Out82DVD (library)Sean Baker, Shih-Ching Tsou2004
01/05Don't Pick Up the Phone58Netflix (miniseries)Sara Mast2022
01/06Signs of Life84Blu-RayWerner Herzog1968yes
01/06The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner72Blu-RayWerner Herzog1974yes
01/06How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck64Blu-RayWerner Herzog1976yes
01/06La Soufrière85Blu-RayWerner Herzog1977yes
01/07God's Angry Man68Blu-RayWerner Herzog1980yes
01/07Huie's Sermon54Blu-RayWerner Herzog1980yes
01/07The Dark Glow of the Mountains71Blu-RayWerner Herzog1985yes
01/07Wodaabe: Herdsmen of the Sun83Blu-RayWerner Herzog1989yes
01/08Echoes from a Somber Empire74Blu-RayWerner Herzog1990yes
01/09Wheel of Time75Blu-RayWerner Herzog2003yes
01/09The Wild Blue Yonder59Blu-RayWerner Herzog2005yes
01/10Sins of Our Mother62NetflixSkye Borgman2022
01/12It Rains on Our Love62DownloadIngmar Bergman1946yes
01/14Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery83NetflixRian Johnson2022
01/14Rusty Knife77DVDToshio Masuda1958yes
01/15I Am Waiting74DVDKoreyoshi Kurahara1957yes
01/16Take Aim at the Police Van64DVDSeijun Suzuki1960yes
01/16A Colt Is My Passport85DVDTakashi Nomura1967yes
01/19Teen Kanya83DownloadSatyajit Ray1961yes
01/21Ashani Sanket82DownloadSatyajit Ray1973yes
01/22Seemabaddha87DownloadSatyajit Ray1974yes
01/24Days and Nights in the Forest88DownloadSatyajit Ray1970yes
01/25Lost in America86Blu-RayAlbert Brooks1985yes
01/25Sonar Kella86DownloadSatyajit Ray1974yes
01/28The Making of Fanny and Alexander82Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1986yes
01/28Karin's Face60Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1984yes
01/29The Chess Players76DownloadSatyajit Ray1977yes
01/30Kanchenjungha82DVDSatyajit Ray1962yes
01/30Crisis56Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1946yes
01/31The Chess of the Wind86Blu-Ray (library)Mohammad Reza Aslani1976
01/31Muna Moto81Blu-Ray (library)Jean-Pierre Dikongue-Pipa1975
02/01Two Girls on the Street53Blu-Ray (library)Andre De Toth1939
02/02Sambizanga83Blu-Ray (library)Sarah Maldoror1973
02/03Prisioneros de la tierra70Blu-Ray (library)Mario Soffici1939
02/04The Menu73HBO MaxMark Mylod2022
02/05A Lesson in Love73Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1954yes
02/07All These Women33Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1964yes
02/07After the Rehearsal81Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1984yes
02/08Kamikaze Girls79DownloadTetsuya Nakashima2004yes
02/09The Touch63Blu-RayIngmar Bergman1971yes
02/11Markisinnan de Sade84DownloadIngmar Bergman1992yes
02/13In the Presence of a Clown84DownloadIngmar Bergman1997yes
02/14The Lady from Shanghai85Blu-RayOrson Welles1947yes
02/17The Founder73NetflixJohn Lee Hancock2016
02/19Puss in Boots: The Last Wish74TheaterJoel Crawford, Januel Mercado2022
02/19Three Colors: Blue964K discKrzysztof Kieslowski1993yes
02/20Three Colors: White854K discKrzysztof Kieslowski1994yes
02/21Three Colors: Red934K discKrzysztof Kieslowski1994yes
02/24Thunder Force68NetflixBen Falcone2021
02/27No Way Out86DVDJoseph L. Mankiewicz1950yes
03/03The Sniper84DVDEdward Dmytryk1952yes
03/10Ana (Hole in One)61DownloadKon Ichikawa1957
03/12Sanjuro85Blu-RayAkira Kurosawa1962yes
03/13The Thin Red Line87Blu-RayTerrence Malick1998yes
03/14Dark Waters82DVDAndré De Toth1944yes
03/15Journey Into Fear84DownloadNorman Foster1943yes
03/16Money Shot: The Pornhub Story61NetflixSuzanne Hillinger2023
03/17Salaam Cinema90DownloadMohsen Makhmalbaf1995yes
03/19One Way Street87DownloadHugo Fregonese1950yes

shorts in italics

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Re: Movies Watched in 2023
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2010 Films 2011 Films 2012 Films 2013 Films 2014 Films

2009 List 2010 List 2011 List 2012 List 2013 List 2014 List 2015 List 2016 List
2017 List 2018 List 2019 List 2020 List 2021 List 2022 List

Features (First Viewing)
[1] 01/03 The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) Martin McDonagh
[2] 01/22 Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) David Yates
[3] 02/04 Babylon (2022) Damien Chazelle
[4] 02/07 The Fabelmans (2022) Steven Spielberg
[5] 02/14 Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2022) Dean Fleischer Camp
[6] 02/18 Rope Torture (1984) Ikuo Sekimoto

Features (rewatch)
*=/w commentary
[1] 01/30 The Game (1997) David Fincher
[2] 02/17 Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) Hayao Miyazaki


[1] The Circle S5 (2023) Studio Lambert
[2] Better Things S5 (2022) Pamela Adlon
[w] The Green Planet (2022) David Attenborough
[w] Better Call Saul S6 (2022) Vince Gilligan
[w] Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown S12 (2018) CNN
[w] Bob's Burgers S12 (2022-2023) Loren Bouchard
[w] The Midnight Club (2022) Mike Flanagan & Leah Fong
[w] The Last of Us (2023) Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann
[w] Bravest Warriors S4 (2017) Pendelton Ward
[w] Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009-2010) Yasuhiro Irie
[w] Super Dragon Ball Heroes S3 (2020) Hiroyuki Sakurada
[w] Cold War (1998) Pat Mitchell & Jeremy Isaacs
[w] It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia S3 (2007) Rob McElhenney

Video Games
[C] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Reunion (2022) Square Enix
[p] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) Capcom
[p] Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster (2003/2016) Square Enix
[p] Gemini Rue (2011) Wadjet Eye Games
[p] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019) FromSoftware

[p] FTL: Faster Than Light (2012) Subset Games
[p] Inscryption (2019) Devolver Digital

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