Author Topic: So what's your day job?  (Read 48221 times)

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Re: So what's your day job?
« Reply #290 on: October 19, 2021, 12:38:48 PM »
The revolving door of my day job just continues. Contract got terminated Thursday and well I'm not that surprised. Basically how it went down is I missed two weeks of work due to COVID and then came back and was super behind and basically scrambling to get caught up and when I asked for help or what could be done the solution was basically to consider working overtime, which I told them when I took the job I was not open to doing. So I had a pretty frank discussion with my boss and she said the expectation at the company is that you work overtime when you get really busy. I told her that's basically a physical and mental imposibility for me right now.

A week later they terminate me due to job performance (which basically is due to being out sick 2 weeks from COVID) and "going in a different direction," which I basically translated as them not liking I didn't work overtime. Oh well, it was basically becoming too stressful to deal with and I wasn't going to be able to stick out the rest of the year doing this while being so behind and not getting the support I needed.

So, back on the good old job market. Already interviewed for a couple of jobs and got a second interview for one that would be a pretty simple customer support/tech support job but the pay rate is pretty solid so it would be a nice job to have for a while and wouldn't be nearly as stress-inducing.

In the meantime, I'm taking a long camping trip this weekend and going to enjoy not having to get up to a job where you contract a deadly virus and then get punished for it.  :P
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Re: So what's your day job?
« Reply #291 on: October 19, 2021, 04:17:45 PM »
Itís definitely a good market for finding work right now so hopefully you can move to something as good or, from the sound of it, better.