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Re: Vacation
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If anybody every passes through SG, do like me know, happy to be a guide or meet for drinks or dinner.  Saltine, still waiting for you to make it after a few chances.  But you know, when it is safe

We were looking at Singapore, hoping it would open up at the same time NZ did for us. Of course NZ hasn't happen yet, but the PMs say it's in the cards for NZ/AUS tourism. However, Singapore spiked and I think that will hurt the chances of AUS/Singapore tourism in the near future. All of this is contingent on AUS and NZ not spiking, but our health ministers are expecting a spike. The intensity is the unknown. Yesterday AUS had 8 cases and three states/territories had zero, some for as much as 6 and 10 days running. Most other deaths seem to be from outbreaks in nursing homes, so unfortunate.

So proud of AUS/NZ and its citizens keeping this health danger under control ... so far.
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Re: Vacation
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Singapore likely will have it under control for the general population within this month, the issue they are now having is trying to control the spread among the foreign workers which is difficult due to the conditions that they live. 97 to 99% of the new cases are all being spread through the dormitories.

Not to confuse a foreigner working in Singapore like my, but the term “Foreign worker” is government defined:

Definition of foreign worker
2.  The Minister hereby —
(a)   fixes the salary referred to in paragraph (a) of the definition of “foreign worker” in section 2 of the Act to be not more than $2,000 a month; and
(b)   specifies that for the purposes of the Act a foreign worker shall include a person who is not a citizen of Singapore who seeks employment with, or is offered employment by, or is in the employment of, an employer at a salary of more than $2,000 a month and who does not hold an employment pass issued under the Immigration Act [Cap. 133].

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