Author Topic: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals  (Read 24349 times)


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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
« Reply #90 on: September 06, 2009, 06:55:11 PM »
I forgot about this  :-\.

Wouldn't have had time to revisit RD, Goodfellas, and LH in time anyways.


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90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
« Reply #91 on: September 07, 2009, 07:32:43 AM »
Semifinals and Finals - Jury Chat


Clovis8:  this whole chat is going to make me sad
pixote:  how'd goodfellas do in the verdicts posted in the thread?
pixote:  i was surprised sdedalus had reservoir dogs higher ... i wouldn't have guessed that
Clovis8:  didnt count but everyone seems to hate it all of a sudden!
Clovis8:  its unfathomable
Clovis8:  i just burned my mouth on bbq ribs :(
pixote:  ouch
Clovis8:  can we still vote Pulp Fiction? :)
Clovis8:  i know my choice is losing so the other three are equal to me and I dont care of the three which wins
Emiliana:  not sure how much good I'll do, I can't weigh in on Reservoir Dogs or Goodfellas
THATguy:  yeah i'm kind of passive atm. I have to clean up the house and shower for work, although I would like to add a HEEEEELLLLLLLLL NO to Magnolia fwiw.
pixote:  should we start discussing one of these semifinal matchups?
Clovis8:  magnolia is winning but I wouldnt chose it either
pixote:  have you seen Lost Highway, THATguy? i can't remember
pixote:  oh yeah, over thin red line
THATguy:  Yeah, LH was on my Top 100
THATguy:  Magnolia might not make my Top 1000 :)
Clovis8:  its winning the whole bracket THATguy, I am sorry too say :(
pixote:  clovis, you already post a verdict with magnolia beating lost highway, right? you just mean you don't want it winning the whole thing?
pixote:  because goodfellas is goodfellas, etc?
Clovis8:  right, I like it alot just WAY below GF
pixote:  which is true of most films ... except inglourious basterds :)
Clovis8:  and its kinda boring that it seems to have it all locked up now too unless a miracle happens
Clovis8:  hehe
pixote:  well, with THATguy's vote, magnolia's only up 4-2 over lost highway
pixote:  it'd be 4-3 if thor was here
pixote:  or had posted a verdict
Clovis8:  ya
pixote:  90% of democracy is showing up
THATguy:  And if LH goes down, all my eggs are going in the GF basket.

Magnolia  (Paul Thomas Anderon, 1999)

pixote:  so let's start with magnolia, maybe
pixote:  what don't you like about it, THATguy?
pixote:  (or anyone else)
matt the movie watcher:  I know that question was directed at THATguy, but one crucial issue I have with Magnolia is the ending. It seems to quick and it doesn't satisfy the stories that have been established. Anybody agree/disagree?
pixote:  the ending seems real quick, yeah
Clovis8:  i agree matt the ending is the weakest part by far
Clovis8:  and the movie never runs with the opening either its out of a different movie all together
pixote:  the whole prologue almost sets the expectation for that though: like, this is a movie about coincidence, so we can do whatever we want
matt the movie watcher:  i think the frogs are cool, but the whole thing doesn't really work as far the emotional payoff, i thought
Clovis8:  but then there are few coincidences in the movie
pixote:  but every story in the prologue has a neat paul harvey ending
pixote:  melvil and others called the movie emotionally draining or something ...
pixote:  i was thoroughly entertained by magnola ... but honestly i was rarely emotionally invested
THATguy:  I wasn't entertained nor invested, honestly, with the theatrics of those involved, I was generally annoyed
Thor:  I'm in all your houses. I'm there right now. Call me
pixote:  lol
pixote:  i was most emotionally invested -- and i think a lot of people have said this -- in the john c. reilly / melora walters storyline
Emiliana:  I was invested in every storyline but the William H. Macy one. I totally felt that loneliness/making a connection theme
matt the movie watcher:  I just found the whole "act of God"/coincidence thing to not respect the suffering of these characters, for such an emotionaly messy film, the ending just seemed so easy
pixote:  yeah, narratively speaking, the frogs don't add much, it seems to me
THATguy:  My biggest issue with the film, is that it takes a lot of talented actors (and Tom Cruise and Julianne Moore), and none of the performances really stuck with me in a good way.
pixote:  visually, they're cool; and there's a nice-ish tension to things ...
pixote:  the macy storyline felt the most weak to me, too. tonally, his 'heist' just felt so distinct from everything else
Clovis8:  the heist made no sense
matt the movie watcher:  yeah, macy and the heist could have been cut
pixote:  and that closeup of the key breaking in the lock was such a moment from a lesser movie
Clovis8:  here is another prpoblem with magnolia winning.....
Thor:  Pop quiz, hot shots: How is Magnolia any less preposterous and bloated then something like 'Babel' or 'The Burning Plain'?
Clovis8:  i dont see it having any influence on film as a whole
THATguy:  haven't seen Burning Plain, but Babel sucked too
Clovis8:  i know everyone hates when I measure a film on influence but its important
matt the movie watcher:  I'm not a big Babel fan, but at least it isn't as noisy as Magnolia.
pixote:  i'm glad for the macy storyline mainly for henry gibson ... i really enjoyed him
pixote:  'preposterous and bloated' don't resonate with me with magnolia
pixote:  mulholland drive is more of a parallel for me
pixote:  movies that take me on a ride that's so fun that i don't care too much about the whys and wherefores
pixote:  (see what i did there?) :roll:
matt the movie watcher:  bloated is fine, that's just the pejorative version of ambitious, for me Magnolia is too much racket and the stories and characters aren't given enough time to develop
Thor:  I like magnolia
pixote:  'racket' is interesting ... sdedalus had a good line asking why everyone is shouting all the time ... is it because there trying to be heard over the music?
Emiliana:  the music was way too loud, that's true
THATguy:  A more important question is why is everybody crying ALL THE TIME? 45% of the movie is tears
Emiliana:  but otherwise, I thought there were lots of quiet, intimate moments
matt the movie watcher:  it's not just the shouting (but sdedalus is right, everybody is shouting for their oscar through 80% of the movie)...but the music is so loud and non stop. It's MTV does Altman.
pixote:  the score for the first two hours all has a climactic sound to it ... this propulsiveness that feels like the movie is ending when in fact it's just beginning ... i kind of liked that ... i was surprised it worked for me
pixote:  someone else called it operatic ... i can sort of see that
Emiliana:  to clarify: I loved what the music was and what it did, it was just too loud
matt the movie watcher:  for the sound design and music was interesting but oppressive, turned off any emotional response for me
pixote:  yeah, for me too, i think
pixote:  it's telling, i suppose, that the two moments i was most emotionally invested involved diegetic music
pixote:  first, in claudia's apartment, with reilly having her turn it down, with all that meta commentary on the sound design of the film
pixote:  second, the singalong scene ... which, ftr, TOTALLY works for me
pixote:  love it
matt the movie watcher:  i agree about the claudia apartment stuff, the sound calmed down and i could get into it
Emiliana:  yeah, like the frogs, I just didn't question that at all. It felt necessary, somehow
pixote:  btw, there's very little music in the last hour ... it's an interesting reversal, where when things actually start to resolve, the climactic-sounding music disappears
matt the movie watcher:  I'd like to defend Julianne Moore if i could, sure she's bad, but I blame PTA, not her.
pixote:  did anyone else find the editing/temporal continuity in the film kind of distracting?
pixote:  i hated returning to one of the stories and seeing that no time had passed since we were there last time
THATguy:  what's her excuse in other movies, then Matt?
pixote:  which is the more conventional approach to parallel editing, i guess
pixote:  there's no reason it should bother me, other than it's what i'm used to, but it bothered me nonetheless
matt the movie watcher:  editing/temporal continuity? what's that, pix?
Emiliana:  I'm not sure I understand your point, pix. So there were scenes cut in half and returned to later, but you feel that they should have played out completely and not dropped and taken up again?
Clovis8:  its PTA trying to do Tarantino just not as well
pixote:  yeah, i can't think of an exact example (it was true throughout the film), but, like, the game show would be in its commercial break... we'd cut away to the other storylines for fifteen minutes .... then, when we got back to the game show, they were in the same commercial break
pixote:  or, like, tom cruise "took a moment" in the foyer of his dad's house that lasted about twelve minutes (which could be a joke, but still)
pixote:  we cut away from reilly/walters for like 25 minutes, and when we got back, no time had elapsed for them
pixote:  it made everyone feel disjointed to me ... instead of a tapestry, it felt like ten short films spliced together rather arbitrarily
Emiliana:  no, sorry, can't see a reason why that should bother me. This is the first time that I'm asking myself if the film was supposed to be in real time, never occurred to me before
matt the movie watcher:  i didn't even notice that. day time soaps do that.
pixote:  the "one is the loneliest number" sequence (after the prologue) is totally masterful, by the way. just want to get that on the record. great use of audiovisual conterpoint, editing, music, everything.

Lost Highway  (David Lynch, 1997)

pixote:  okay, lost highway...
Emiliana:  Scary, brilliant first 45 minutes, then I wasn't as engaged anymore
Clovis8:  This quote from the thread sums it up: Lost Highway: obfuscation for the sake of obfuscation.
THATguy:  more like awesome for the sake of awesome
pixote:  the transition to balthazar getty was rough for me, too
matt the movie watcher:  yep, the first 45 are amazing!!
pixote:  i didn't love the first act as much as most people i guess
matt the movie watcher:  why not, pix?
THATguy:  I'm in between... I liked the first act, and then initially in the transition I was a little out of it, but that passed quickly
pixote:  it feels so empty after the credit sequence
THATguy:  when arquette was reintroduced
pixote:  and it's all kind of borderline camp (which seems to interest lynch)
pixote:  i kept thinking how much fun mst3k could have with it
Clovis8:  its not borderline pix
Clovis8:  its camp
matt the movie watcher:  hun, i didn't think it was campy it all. i was totally scared.
Clovis8:  really seems like he is going for camp
pixote:  i do prefer lynch when he does like pure mood, though
Clovis8:  not saying its bad just camp
pixote:  pullman disappearing into the blackness, etc
Clovis8:  it has a wicked soundtrack
matt the movie watcher:  admittedly i don't watch much horror (or any really) but the first 45 was a perfect little horror film, i thought.
pixote:  at times i thought it overly reliant on the music to create the mood
pixote:  i liked when blake approached pullman at the party, and the music and all the sound of the party totally died away, and it was just the two of them
matt the movie watcher:  blake at the party was great
pixote:  and pullman's delivery of the line, "That's fúcking crazy, man." was just perfect, total lol
Clovis8:  i think it would be very odd for this movie to win given i think it was on maybe 2 top 100 lists
matt the movie watcher:  was anybody bothered by pullman? he's not an obvious choice for this role?
pixote:  he seemed a bit stiff to me
THATguy:  It was on [my Top 100] and that's all that counts
THATguy:  I don't care for him as an actor but found him fine
pixote:  like he didn't know what his director wanted him to do
pixote:  (i hope everybody just votes on the two films in question, without consideration of the top 100 lists or what the final matchup 'should' be, etc.)
Emiliana:  i thought he was ok, an everyman, not much edge or character, which seemed right
pixote:  lynch always has a few moments -- like cronenberg, imo -- where he suddenly seems like a total amateur making his first film
matt the movie watcher:  yeah i thought he was fine, nothing special, but he didn't ruin it
Clovis8:  why pix?
pixote:  the example i wrote is the scene ... lemme post the screenshot, i have it here
pixote:  (it's a very minor example, but a telling one, for me)
pixote:  the scene is blocked like a porn scene in boogie nights
matt the movie watcher:  refresh my memory, pix, what is going on in that shot?
pixote:  guard 2 enters from the right, stops at his mark
pixote:  guard 1 enters from the left, stop at his mark
pixote:  and then they have this really stilted, empty dialogue about "what's going on?" "i dunno, you should see for yourself"
pixote:  then they head to pullman/getty's cell
matt the movie watcher:  don't really remember it. strange though that lynch seems sloppy to you sometimes, he always seems to be in such control to me.
pixote:  it feels intentionally bad, like lynch is referencing b jailhouse movies from the 50s or something
matt the movie watcher:  well, he does that a lot
pixote:  but the connection is too tenuous, so it just plays as bad for me
matt the movie watcher:  his films totally play on our knowledge of b movies and hollywood conventions
pixote:  yeah, when he's not doing pure atmosphere, lynch and i don't really seem to gel
Emiliana:  I have no knowledge on b movies and such, but I didn't have those problems. Maybe with a few of the lines, but I can't remember anything else bothering me like that
pixote:  outside of those moments, he reminds me of my imaginary goofy uncle, who, when he's not staring at the breasts of girls half is age, is pointing out something goofy and elbowing my in the ribs, laughing and saying, "ain't that a kick!"
matt the movie watcher:  interesting that you like the pure atmosphere stuff the best, but didn't dig the opening 45 minutes
pixote:  sorry, i should clarify ... i did like the first 45 minutes ... they just didn't work quite as well for me as they seemed to for most people ... not quite lynch at his best or something
matt the movie watcher:  fair enough, i thought of the that part as lynch at his best and the rest as just good
pixote:  getty, like pullman, was okay ... he had a few moments that seemed weak to me ... but he looked the part, and that was usually enough
roujin:  this magic moment, pix
pixote:  i guess there's barely four of us talking :(
Emiliana:  getty really had a good look... any thoughts on the ending?
pixote:  i like the occurrence at owl creek bridge reading of it
pixote:  that fits pretty well, i think
matt the movie watcher:  i liked the ending, it was fun the way it looped back to the beginning
matt the movie watcher:  where's thor? he'd be able to lead this LH coversation better than anybody
pixote:  we see pullman in the car, getting shocked by the unseen electric chair
pixote:  yeah, the "dick laurents is dead" is a really nice touch
Emiliana:  I'll have to look up that owl creek thing later, no idea what you're talking about
pixote:  it's an ambrose bierce short story ... worth a read
pixote:  :)
Clovis8:  its awesome
Clovis8:  standard in North american english classes
Emiliana:  noted!


pixote:  so, i dunno, should wee vote on this matchup?
pixote:  i already have matt voting for LH and clovis for Magnolia
Clovis8:  i should stratego vote for LH :D
pixote:  roujin, you haven't said much, but you had both of these in matchups, so vote away
pixote:  and Emiliana?
roujin:  does this feel official?
matt the movie watcher:  one last thing about LH, Marilyn Manson's cameo was silly (continue with your voting)
Emiliana:  My vote is with Magnolia. Near constant masterpiece over flashes of masterpiece
roujin:  I don't even remember seeing him
Emiliana:  and pixote?
pixote:  you want to vote, roujin?
pixote:  i'll vote for magnolia, in less that creates a tie, then i'll abstain
pixote:  i like Lost Highway, i thought it solid and engaging throughout
pixote:  but magnolia was a better ride
roujin:  I'd probably vote in favor of Lost Highway, if only because that's the one I'd rather watch again right now. But, Magnolia is a movie I feel I could watch at any given moment or something...
pixote:  sorry, thor, wherever you are
pixote:  probably
roujin:  maybe
pixote:  can you be more committal?
pixote:  you'll do well on a jury
roujin:  lol
roujin:  magnolia then
matt the movie watcher:  Cool, so we officially have an eastern conference champion?
Emiliana:  looks like it...
pixote:  worm was going to post her verdict in the thread
matt the movie watcher:  did she?
pixote:  she's working on it now
pixote:  i just pmed to ask what her vote is/will be for
pixote:  but i guess my vote puts magnolia up by 2, so it doesn't matter
pixote:  she could make it very close though
matt the movie watcher:  Leaving it to the last minute...she needs to get her priorities in order.
Clovis8:  this is taking a little longer than I thought I am going to have to jet soonish
pixote:  that's counting thor's vote, since he showed up long enough to make his preference known
pixote:  yeah, taking longer than i thought, too, sorry

Votes for Lost Highway

1. matt the movie watcher
2. THATguy
3. Thor
4. roujin

Votes for Magnolia

1. smirnoff
2. Clovis8
3. Junior
4. Melvil
5. Emiliana
6. pixote
7. worm

pixote:  magnolia wins! moving on!

Reservoir Dogs  (Quentin Tarantino, 1992) vs. Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990)

pixote:  should we speed through this?
pixote:  just sum up thoughts on goodfellas vs reservoir dogs?
Clovis8:  i think they have been discussed alot already so ya
Emiliana:  ok, due to RD's unavailability, I'm out of this thing now....
matt the movie watcher:  they're both very good
Clovis8:  both awesome
pixote:  for me: reservoir dogs is a great debut with some great moments, but also some rookie mistakes (the flashbacks generally kill me) and can't quite compete with the assurance of scorsese's filmmaking in goodfellas
pixote:  it's close, but goodfellas takes it for me
pixote:  (i've written verdicts on both)
Clovis8:  my thoughts exactly pix
pixote:  worm votes for magnolia
pixote:  btw
matt the movie watcher:  yeah, i'm going to vote goodfellas too, but RD is a lot better than i remembered it being
Woodpecker from Mars:  where is this voting going on ?
Woodpecker from Mars:  which thread ?
Clovis8:  right here right now
pixote:  90s Bracket
Woodpecker from Mars:  i have actually revisited all 4 films the last couple of months, but i have never read a bracket thread until now so i wont vote
Woodpecker from Mars:  i would vote for goodfellas
Woodpecker from Mars:  rd is good, but tarantino got alot better
roujin:  my reasoning would be that Goodfellas is a lot more entertaining + funnier (it honestly makes me laugh a lot)
roujin:  also has a better soundtrack
roujin:  and I love the dual narration

Votes for Reservoir Dogs

1. Junior
2. Melvil
3. sdedalus
4. worm

Votes for Goodfellas

1. pixote
2. Clovis8
3. matt
4. woodpecker
5. roujin

Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990) vs. Magnolia (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1999)

The chat transcript gets all glitchy here, unfortunately, with no record of anything else Clovis or I said.  I'll paraphrase what I can remember for now.  Maybe someone else saved a copy?

matt the movie watcher:  it's funny that a movie from 1990 and a movie from 1999 made it
pixote: [agreed that this seemed like a fitting finale, especially with scorsese's influence on anderson]
matt the movie watcher:  and both are fairly sprawling
matt the movie watcher:  music is also central to both
pixote: [also, both films screw up their endings]
matt the movie watcher:  good point
roujin:  lol
roujin:  regrets
roujin:  i've had a few
pixote:  [goodfellas, for me, has the higher peaks but also the lower valleys; magnolia is more consistent, or maybe just never lingers very long on its missteps]
matt the movie watcher:  what are the goodfellas valleys, pix? in other words, why do people hate the gf oepning (assuming that's a valley for you)
roujin:  i like what the opening leads up to
roujin:  that freeze frame
roujin:  and the voiceover
pixote:  [i just quoted from my round three verdict here, referencing karen's mom, the hostess party, and the way the narration wears me down after a while]
matt the movie watcher:  the parents, eh, i'm just gonna assume that was an antisemitic comment. :)
pixote: [something about how the goodfellas opening strikes me as rather generic but elevated by scorsese's technique, but isn't nearly as impressive as "one is the loneliest number" in magnolia)
matt the movie watcher:  one is the loneliest number, is that the magnolia opening?
thevoid99:  it's called "one"
matt the movie watcher:  that went on forever
matt the movie watcher:  one, that went on forever
matt the movie watcher:  both films are brilliantly crafted, for me GF is far more entertaining and engrossing.
thevoid99:  ok, since this is the 90s bracket, what films are pitting against what?
matt the movie watcher:  hi void. goodfellas v magnolia for all the marbles.
thevoid99:  oh!
thevoid99:  that's tough.
matt the movie watcher:  are you just pasting your old verditcs?
pixote: [checked void's voting credentials]
thevoid99:  no, i haven't seen them recently though I have a review of magnolia
thevoid99:  i've seen goodfellas a bunch of times b4 but not recently.
matt the movie watcher:  the breaking the 4th wall is pretty lame
thevoid99:  goodfellas is more entertaining while magnolia had a melancholia that i enjoyed
Clovis: [compared these films to two other films, I think]
pixote: [said how I preferred Fargo to both]
thevoid99:  i prefer fargo over those 2 films as well
pixote: [something about how magnolia is more entertaining but goodfellas has more teeth; later called magnolia a popcorn movie disguised as an opera]
matt the movie watcher:  teeth, what do you mean?
matt the movie watcher:  the magnolia caucus would say it has nothing but teeth
Clovis:  [said Goodfellas was a film of big ideas: American Dream, capitalism, betrayal, crime, etc.]
matt the movie watcher:  what are gf's big ideas, clovis?
matt the movie watcher:  but it's not the godfather, that whole ameican dream thing doesn't really wash with me when it comes to gf
matt the movie watcher:  me neither, i'm just saying i don't think gf has big ideas
thevoid99:  i'm now thinking about this as script-wise, magnolia had an interesting story but I think goodfellas is the better film.
pixote: [elaborated on the teeth comment by saying that goodfellas is more immersive, earns more emotional investment]
matt the movie watcher:  it draws me waaay more in
matt the movie watcher:  It doesn’t have The Godfather’s prestige ambitions, this isn’t grand classical tragedy or a critique of American capitalism, it’s about middle managers/wiseguy working stiffs, and I like that. I guess at its essence it’s a standard morality play, these actions ultimately have consequences, they rise and then they fall. What it lacks in structural originality it makes up for with good performances, terrific use of music, and awesome editing.
thevoid99:  so what's the score now?
Emiliana:  you guys don't seem to be quite ready to vote yet.... I am tempted to go to bed in a state of ignorance and breathless anticipation of the result....
roujin:  you guys don't like the 4th wall thing?
Woodpecker from Mars:  has anyone voted ?
thevoid99:  here's my vote. goodfellas
matt the movie watcher:  the 4th wall thing doesn't bother me anymore, but i don' t really like it either. in my mind, it's the film's only misstep.
thevoid99:  what's the other 2 films?
thevoid99:  ah. goodfellas is your winner. i'm done. thank you and good night.
Clovis:  [cited the influence of goodfellas]
matt the movie watcher:  certainly goodfellas is influential, and if that's part of your analysis, that's cool, that's just not how approach the bracket really
roujin:  yeah, me either
roujin:  neither film engages me with its ideas, actually
roujin:  I respond to them much more viscerally
matt the movie watcher:  but i'd say magnolia's 'ideas' are a bigger failure
roujin:  oh, my vote's still for goodfellas, btw
roujin:  it's such a funny movie :(
roujin:  (so is magnolia, too, but not intentionally)
roujin:  I've sucked men's cocks!
pixote:  [joke about matt heading to the Quoting out of Context thread]
Woodpecker from Mars:  now i want to rewatch both films again
matt the movie watcher:  :) i do love that thread too much
Woodpecker from Mars:  they are
roujin:  heh
Woodpecker from Mars:  but only gf has jimmy two times
matt the movie watcher:  not even a little sad
roujin:  goodfellas also has the better soundtrack...
Woodpecker from Mars:  and noone in magnolia tells joe pesci to get his f-in shinebox
matt the movie watcher:  one advantage gf has over m is that it's not annoying
matt the movie watcher:  :)
roujin:  (back to movie)
Woodpecker from Mars:  goodfellas got more annoying after i watched a docu about henry hill
Clovis:  [tried to hush Woodpecker, lol]
Woodpecker from Mars:  he is such a huge loser
matt the movie watcher:  other than the 4th wall break, ray liotta's ugly laugh is a problem
pixote:  [mentioned how, despite being super excited to revisit goodfellas for round three was now a little reluctant to return to it; but could watch magnolia again right now]
matt the movie watcher:  i'm on a once every 5 years schedule with magnolia, and like it less every time
pixote [asked Woodpecker if Jimmy Two Times was the deciding factor for him]
Woodpecker from Mars:  he is
pixote:  [asked matt if the fact that magnolia sucks was the deciding factor for him]
matt the movie watcher:  that is a factor
matt the movie watcher:  i also heart this:

Goodfellas: Last Day as a Wiseguy
pixote:  [comment about how that video had me wavering, right up until the narration kicked in]

There's a huge hole in the transcript at this point, which sucks, because there was a lot of good stuff there.  Here's the end result though...

Votes for Goodfellas

1. Clovis8
2. roujin
3. Woodpecker from Mars
4. matt the movie watcher

Votes for Magnolia

1. Junior
2. Melvil
3. sdedalus
4. worm@work
5. pixote

Yes.  Yes it did.  And thanks to everyone who made it happen.  The whole bracket I mean, from skjerva first dreaming it up, to everyone who ever posted a verdict, voted films in, came to chat, everything.  It was awesome.

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I think I'd love how awkward it'd be, or how awkward it should be.


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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
« Reply #92 on: September 07, 2009, 08:07:22 AM »
I suppose I'm glad to see how this has turned out. I'm also glad it has reached a conclusion. Congratulations to everyone involved, especially pix, and those who made the chat. It was, unfortunately for me, a semi-ridiculous time of the night, but making the chat was probably going to be the only way I was ever going to get a verdict in.

Really, I'm starting to agree more with the flaws that many raise about Magnolia, but it was still my favourite of the final four, and by far.

Cheers all.


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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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Really, I'm starting to agree more with the flaws that many raise about Magnolia, but it was still my favourite of the final four, and by far.

Yeah, it's the only one of the four that made my top 100, so I'm fine with it winning.  The only downside is that now I'm not feeling any hurry to revisit Goodfellas or Reservoir Dogs.


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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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I think it's pretty clear that I'm happy about this. I was really worried because pretty much none of the chat had anything good to say about Magnolia (except pix and a couple of other really little things) and freaking Clovis and his "ideas" bs. But then, somehow, it happened. And I'm glad for it.

Though I wish that more people that had submitted verdicts throughout had joined in...
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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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The 90s US Bracket was among the more beautiful uses of the internet that I'm aware of, nice job everyone, especially pix.
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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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I think it's pretty clear that I'm happy about this. I was really worried because pretty much none of the chat had anything good to say about Magnolia (except pix and a couple of other really little things) and freaking Clovis and his "ideas" bs. But then, somehow, it happened. And I'm glad for it.

Though I wish that more people that had submitted verdicts throughout had joined in...

LOL I would bet nearly every film historian and film critic on earth would agree with my "ideas BS" and would vote Goodfellas not Magnolia, so I guess in that sense it sure was BS.


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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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I'm sure they would agree that Goodfellas is more strongly an idealistic film. However, I'm not sure that they would care about it when talking about the best movie of the 90's. Which is what we were doing. So that's what I meant about "ideas BS". I mean I don't care about them.
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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
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And, just for the record, a film's influence doesn't mean shit to me, either.
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Re: 90s US Bracket: Semifinals and Finals
« Reply #99 on: September 07, 2009, 04:26:47 PM »
Completely forgot about the chat. That's the kind of mistake I'll make when something doesn't really feel that important anymore, which wasn't the case with this bracket. I kind of did want to participate in the chat.

I just forgot.

Nonetheless, I applaud everyone who spoke their minds, as crazy as some of you might be.
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