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The Signal
« on: June 29, 2014, 01:48:34 PM »
Saw this yesterday and been digesting it ever since.  The story of 3 braniacs driving cross-country from MIT to California decide to go hacker hunting (for a person? named Nomad) in Nevada along the way.  And thats the stuff that is easy to follow.  Its quite a thinking persons sci-fi flick when compared to the bombast that is Transformers 4: The Search for More Cash-splosions. 

The movie does a good job increasing the tension and drama as if tightening the screw a quarter turn at a time.  Fishbourne is good here as the only recognizable face in the film.  For a budget of 4 mil, these guys pulled off a fascinating movie.

I do have a question tho... If the numbers from the tattoo matched the numbers revealed in the final scene, what does that say about who is responsible for the whole shebang?