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Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
« on: January 20, 2010, 01:30:57 PM »
A place to put a switchboard for each filmspotter where they can store links to their various lists all over the site, or to their own personal blogs, external sites, or whatever they want.  This is just an easy way to keep track of all your stuff.

don s.
Martin Teller
Michael X
Senor Javi
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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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(=========Year So Far=========)


An essay on why
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
is the greatest film of all time

(=========Other Links=========)

20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals
(Classics and Filmspotter Favorites)

'Noke and Ferris do a little 'Zaki
(Miyazaki Marathon)

GooseEgg Marathon
(best of the decade 2000-2009)


90s Bracket:
(full bracket listing)
Ghost Dog vs Magnolia
Trust vs Reservoir Dogs
Eyes Wide Shut vs Trust

80s Bracket:
(Full bracket listing)
El Norte vs Repo Man
Sixteen Candles vs The Karate Kid
Blowout vs Hardly Working (pendng)

Movie Dictator Club

To Me

Year     Month     From     Movie
2009     June     zarodinu     The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly
2009     July     oneaprilday     In the Mood for Love
2009     September     BlueVoid     Let the Right One In
2009     November     FLYmeatwad     I'm Not There
2009     December     matt the movie watcher     Anvil! The Story of Anvil
2010     January     ses593     The Cove
2010     February     LeosAxe     Amélie
2010     March     Melvil     Zatoichi
2010     April     Emiliana     The White Ribbon
From Me

Year     Month     To...     Movie
2009     June     Holly Harry     All the President's Men
2009     July     oneaprilday     Adaptation
2009     September     THATguy     Never Cry Wolf
2009     November     Tim     Synecdoche, New York
2009     December     lotr-sam0711     Fantastic Mr Fox
2010     January     skjerva     An Education
2010     Febrary     smirnoff     My Kid Could Paint That
2010     March     Colleen     United 93
2010     April     Emiliana     Synecdoche, New York


Top 5 Movies

(the full top 100...)

Top 5 Albums

1-Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever
2-Saga - Generation 13
3-Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
4-Pink Floyd - The Wall
5-Peter Gabriel - So

-Canoeing / Kayaking
-Trailkeepers of Oregon
-Progressive Music
-Buffalo Bills
-Oregon Ducks

Movie Snapshots Photosite

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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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Start Date     End Date     Title
October 2009     December 2009     Takeshi Kitano
December 2009     March 2010     No More Excuses! FS Top 100
April 2009     May 2010     Melvil on Melville

Movie Dictator Club

To Me

Year     Month     From     Movie
2008     November     chesterfilms     Dark Passage
2009     January     Junior     Young@Heart
2009     February     skjerva     Los Angeles Plays Itself
2009     February     skjerva     Titicut Follies
2009     May     THATguy     Ghost in the Shell
2009     June     saltine     Nights of Cabiria
2009     July     NedMeier     Songs from the Second Floor
2009     August     edgar     Le bonheur
2009     September     Junior     City of God
2009     September     Junior     The Scarlett Empress
2009     October     skjerva     Otto; or, Up with Dead People
2009     November     Clovis8     Before Sunrise
2009     November     Clovis8     Before Sunset
2009     December     saltine     State of Play
2010     January     edgar     Summer Hours
2010     January     edgar     Il Divo
2010     January     edgar     Two Lovers
2010     January     stevekimes     Goodbye Solo
2010     February     skjerva     Old Joy
2010     March     Colleen     The Commitments
2010     April     Corndog     Stranger than Fiction
2010     May     Clovis8     Sita Sings the Blues
2010     June     alexarch     Safety Last!
2010     July     GothamCity151     It Happened One Night
From Me

Year     Month     To     Movie
2008     November     roujin     Blade Runner
2009     January     zarodinu     Son of Rambow
2009     February     gateway     War Dance
2009     May     Emiliana     How's Moving Castle
2009     May     Emiliana     The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
2009     June     jbissell     Tokyo Story
2009     July     jbissell     Spoorloos
2009     August     Clovis8     Jeanne Dielman
2009     September     1SO     Man With a Movie Camera
2009     October     Colleen     The Devil's Backbone
2009     November     Emiliana     Waltz with Bashir
2009     December     matt tmw     Thirst
2010     January     jbissell     Tokyo Sonata
2010     January     stevekimes     Where the Wild Things Are
2010     February     Steven O. Selsnik     Shaun of the Dead
2010     March     ferris     Zatoichi
2010     April     Corndog     Hot Fuzz
2010     May     tinyholidays     The Iron Giant
2010     June     stevekimes     Nosferatu


1990's Far East

Round     Matchup
1     Sonatine vs. Serpent's Path
1     After the Rain vs. Porco Rosso
1     Comrades, Almost a Love Story vs. Village of Dreams
1     Cure vs. The D-Slope Murder Case
1     Not One Less vs. Give It All
1     The Geisha House vs. The Birdcage Inn
1     A Scene at the Sea vs. The Emperor's Shadow
1     Too Many Ways to Be No. 1 vs. Deja Vu
1     Art Museum by the Zoo vs. Alan and Eric...
1     Jubaku: Spellbound vs. Angel Dust
1     Musuko vs. Keep Cool
1     Legend of the Galactic Heroes vs. Dangan Runner
1     The Bird People in China vs. Tricky Brains
1     Minbo vs. The Cherry Orchard
1     Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald vs. Fireworks
1     God of Gamblers 3 vs. Gemini
1     Butterfly Lovers vs. All Under the Moon
1     Wing Chun vs. Beat
1990's US

Round     Matchup
3     L.A. Confidential vs. Starship Troopers
3     The Matrix vs. Hoop Dreams
4     Waiting for Guffman vs. Trust
4     Three Kings vs. Kids
5     Magnolia vs. Dark City
5     Out of Sight vs. My Own Private Idaho
6     Magnolia vs. Ghost Dog
6     My Own Private Idaho vs. Lost Highway
6     Three Kings vs. Goodfellas
1980's US

Round     Matchup
1     Chameleon Street vs. The Sure Thing
1     Radio Days vs. Buckaroo Banzai
1     Barfly vs. The Breakfast Club
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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2010, 04:14:34 PM »
hello. This is mine.
I actually consider a lot of movies to be life-changing! I take them to my heart and they melt into my personality.

Sam the Cinema Snob

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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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(Probably) Most Recent Photo:

Cinema Sights
Top 100 Films

Academic Work
Fiction Criticizing Reality: Abbas Kiarostami and the Cracked Windshield of Cinema
The Kid with a Camera: Abbas Kiarostami's Cinematic Critique [Abstract Only]

Presentation: "The Ambiguity of Authorship" at the MPCA/ACA Conference 2014
Co-Hosted The Dark Mirror Horror Film Festival in 2014 [Poster]
Presentation: "Faith, Hope and Love: Replacing the Secular with the Sacred in Kieslowski's Three Colors Trilogy" at The 2014 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture (Faith and Film)

Insane Director Marathons List
     Alfred Hitchcock
     James Gray
     Michael Mann
     Powell and Pressburger
Pre-'90s Kieslowski
IMDb To 250 I Haven't Seen
Freddy vs. Jason
James Bond

     1990s Far East
          Rainy Dog vs. Chungking Express
          Good Men, Good Women vs. To Live
          Flirting Scholar vs. Legend of the Drunken Master
          Kamakaze Taxi vs. Cyclo
          The Wedding Banquet vs. The Chinese Feast
          Teptress Moon vs. The River
    1990s United States
           Seven vs. Contact
           Magnolia vs. Sling Blade
           Out of Sight vs. My Own Private Idaho
    1980s United States
           Stop Making Sense vs. WarGames
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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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Corndog's Switchboard

==========Year So Far==========
=======Marathons / Brackets======

==========Other Links==========

Corndog Chats
Corndog Rates All of His Music
Corndog Goes to Trivia
Presenting Filmspotters Favorite Films

Corndog's Mind is Blowing Up!
Alfred Hitchcock: The Legend Begins
Corndog Is Dancing in the Clouds Marathon
Disney Animation Studios Marathon
Anti-Semitism in American Film
The Harry Potter Marathon
DOC-ember Group Marathon
Definitive Bond Marathon w/Edgar & Sam
Corndog Watches Your Favorite Film NEVERENDING
Corndog's Education of the Top 100 Directors NEVERENDING
Catalog of Corndog NEVERENDING
Studio Ghibli at Gateway Film Center IN PROGRESS
Joe and Corndog Search for the (Funny) Love of Their Lives INCOMPLETE
Corndog’s Personal Literary Film Project INCOMPLETE


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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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smirnoff's Switchboard

The Monster Within
Mike Leigh Marathon
Kubrick Marathon
Star Trek: TNG Movies Marathon
Submarine Movies Marathon
Bullets & Biceps Marathon
Headbands & Anklewarmers Marathon
Elmore Leonard & Film (in progress)
Flotsam & Jetsam Marathon (in progress)
90's Far East Bracket:
Bullet in the Head vs. Country Teachers
Postmen in the Mountains vs. Lost and Found
Perfect Blue vs. Sleepless Town
Christmas in August vs. The Contact
Three Seasons vs. Pushing Hands
The Blade vs. Supercop
The Road Home vs. 6ixtynin9
Madadayo vs. Operation Scorpio
Red Cherry vs. Seventeen Years
Talking Head vs. No.3
The Tai Chi Master vs. Green Snake
Dr. Akagi vs. Samurai Fiction
Ermo vs. Woman Sesame Oil Maker
Maborosi vs. Moonlight Whispers
Don't Cry Nanking vs. Journey to Beijing
Genghis Khan vs. A Mongolian Tale
Coquille vs. Summer Snow
Ripples Across Stagnant Water vs. Stage Door
To Live vs. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
Picture Bride vs. Peppermint Candy
Wing Chun vs. Kagero

80's US Bracket:
Beetle Juice vs. Down by Law
Dirty Dancing vs. Hopscotch
Bird vs. Ms. 45
Tootsie vs. Sex, Lies and Videotape
History of the World: Part 1 vs. Power and Water
Mystery Train vs. An American Werewolf in London
Wall Street vs. The Goonies
Talk Radio vs. The Secret of NIMH
Batman vs. Heathers
After Hours vs. Who Killed Vincent Chin
Mr. Hoover & I vs. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Thief vs. The Outsiders
Gremlins vs. Bull Durham

90's US bracket:
Dead Man vs. In The Company Of Men
The Apostle vs. Election
Miller's Crossing vs. The Limey
Kids vs. Three Kings
Goodfellas vs. Dead Man Walking
Reservoir Dogs vs. Hoop Dreams
Reservoir Dogs vs. Trust
Goodfellas vs. Three Kings

(------------------MDC: assigned to them------------------)(----------------MDC: assigned to me----------------)
Endless Summer 2 (Saltine)
Never Cry Wolf (yoyosammy)
House of Games (edgar00)
Anything Else (Big C)
Beowulf & Grendel (arcnyc)
Rambo (winrit)
Kaabee (Wilson)
Touching the Void (Bill T)
NARC (Colleen)
Domino (Wilson)
The Kid Stays In The Picture (THATguy)
Spirited Away (faceboy)
Vanilla Sky (tjwells)
After The Wedding (faceboy)
Private Parts (indieabby88)
Casino (Still Schmer)
The Host (Clovis8)
Bad Santa (Bill T)
Watchmen (skjerva)
The Road (alexarch)
The Merchant of Venice (ses593)
Spartan (THATguy)
Into The Wild (Dr. Kimble)
Appleseed (FLYmeatwad)
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (tinyholidays)
Amadeus (Corndog)
Vertigo (froham)
Gaz Bar Blues (edgar)
Magnolia (Junior)
F*cking Amal (Wilson)
La Jetee (StarCarly)
Man on Wire (ses593)
Burn After Reading (Basil)
Tupac Ressurection (Gobman)
Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (joem18b)
Fried Green Tomatoes (worm@work)
Woman in the Dunes (zarodinu)
Jeanne Dielman... (edgar)
Kicking and Screaming (tjwells)
Sugar Cane Alley (pixote)
Near Dark (indieabby88)
The Double Life of Veronique (lotr-sam0711)
Peeping Tom (faceboy)
Brokeback Mountain (alexarch)
The Last House on the Left (Bill Thompson)
Coraline (Marbegirl)
My Kid Could Paint That (ferris)
Once a Thief (lotr-sam0711)
Gosford Park (Colleen)
Akira ('Noke)
Chariots of Fire (Corndog)
The Third Man ('Noke)

Top 100 Favourite Films

Old Avatars:


Location: Winnipeg, MB
Home town: Vancouver, BC
Occupation: Day Trader
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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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"I've been very lonely in my isolated tower of indecipherable speech."

Films Watched in 2017



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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
« Reply #9 on: February 02, 2010, 11:48:05 PM »
Anyone else want a switchboard page?  I'm finding I'm using mine CONSTANTLY now that I have it
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