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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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verbALs stuff

Now is not the time for heady, intellectual mumbo jumbo and experimental, artsy-fartsy nonsense.  
Its fun, but its too long and needed more nudity.
Anybody who understands string theory is automatically sexy.
Dumbo (1941)
An unexpectedly successful circus animal-breeding programme has side-effects resulting in birth-deformities, social division and an upturn in violent incidents reportedly as a result of mental illness. Can a young elephant alone in the world escape a vicious cycle of hiccoughs, underage heavy-drinking and base-jumping?

Or Willis' increasingly foetal head

verbALs Spencer Tracy- the Oscar Years Marathon
The Reading List
The unseen top 100 films
MartinTeller's Bergmann list
..but is it Noir?

100 Directors
100 Films
100 Performances

Films watched in 2010
Top 30 books
Top 100 songs
Top 10 albums

Favourite Albums

Favourite Authors

James Crumley
(Dancing Bear, Mexican Tree Duck, Bordersnakes)

John D MacDonald
(The Travis McGee Series)

Elmore Leonard
(Glitz, La Brava, Cat Chaser)

Larry Niven
(Ringworld, The Mote in God's Eye, Legacy of Hearot)

Dashiell Hammett
(Red Harvest, The Maltese Falcon, The Glass Key)

Iain M Banks
(Use of Weapons, Player of Games, Look to Winward)

James Ellroy
(The Big Nowhere, White Jazz, American Tabloid)

Jim Thompson
(The Grifters, The Getaway, The Killer Inside Me)

Richard Condon
(Prizzi's Honour, The Manchurian Candidate, Winter Kills)

Isaac Asimov
(I Robot, Foundation Trilogy)

   No.      Actor      Film       Video Clip    
   1      Marlon Brando      On The Waterfront   
   2      Peter Finch      Network   
   3      Gene Kelly      Singin In The Rain   
   4      Takeshi Shimura      Ikiru   
   5      Anthony Perkins      Psycho   
   6      Humphrey Bogart      The Maltese Falcon   
   7      Gloria Swanson      Sunset Boulevard   
   8      Klaus Kinski      Aguirre, The Wrath of God   
   9      Roger Livesey      Colonel Blimp   
   10      Toshiro Mifune      Seven Samurai   
   11      Joseph Cotten      Shadow of a Doubt   
   12      William Holden      The Wild Bunch   
   13      Anton Wallbrook      Colonel Blimp   
   14      Ned Beatty       Network   
   15      Judy Garland       A Star is Born   
   16      Fred Astaire      Top Hat   
   17      Ginger Rogers      Top Hat   
   18      Naomi Watts      Mulholland Drive   
   19      Jean-Pierre Léaud   The 400 Blows   
   20      Carl Boehm      Peeping Tom   
   21      Spencer Tracy      Adam’s Rib   
   22      Katherine Hepburn      Bringing Up Baby   
   23      Barbara Stanwyck      Double Indemnity   
   24      William Powell      The Thin Man   
   25      Myrna Loy      The Thin Man   
   26      Russell Crowe      LA Confidential   
   27      Julie Andrews      The Sound of Music   
   28      Buster Keaton       The General   
   29      Sidney Greenstreet      The Maltese Falcon   
   30      Rod Steiger      In The Heat Of The Night   
   31      Malcolm MacDowell      A Clockwork Orange   
   32      Ingrid Bergmann      Notorious   
   33      Kevin Spacey      The Usual Suspects   
   34      Bette Davis      Now Voyager   
   35      James Stewart      It’s a Wonderful Life   
   36      Rosalind Russell      His Girl Friday   
   37      Cary Grant      His Girl Friday   
   38      Meryl Streep      Sophie’s Choice   
   39      Christoph Waltz      Inglorious Basterds   
   40      Jack Lemmon      Glengarry Glen Ross   
   41      Daniel Day-Lewis      There Will Be Blood   
   42      Ruth Gordon      Harold & Maude   
   43      Sidney Poitier      In The Heat of the Night   
   44      Helena Bonham-Carter      Fight Club   
   45      Peter Sellers      Dr Strangelove   
   46      Alec Guinness      Bridge Over The River Kwai   
   47      Al Pacino      The Godfather   
   48      Robert Shaw      Jaws   
   49      Glenn Close      Fatal Attraction   
   50      John Turturro       The Big Lebowski   
   51      Richard Dreyfuss      Close Encounters OTTK   
   52      Jeff Bridges    The Big Lebowski   
   53      Alec Baldwin      Glengarry Glen Ross   
   54      Tony Curtis      Some Like It Hot   
   55      Henry Fonda      Once Upon A Time In The West   
   56      Marilyn Monroe      Some Like It Hot   
   57      Cary Mulligan      An Education   
   58      Bruce Lee      Enter the Dragon   
   59      Denzel Washington      Training Day   
   60      Lena Olin      Romeo is Bleeding   
   61      Yeong-Ae Lee      Sympathy for Lady Vengeance   
   62      Marty Feldman      Young Frankenstein   
   63      Frances McDormand      Fargo   
   64      Angela Lansbury      The Manchurian Candidate   
   65      Dennis Hopper      Blue Velvet   
   66      Matthew Broderick      Ferris Bueller’s Day Off   
   67      Marius Goring      A Matter of Life and Death   
   68      John Cusack      High Fidelity   
   69      Catherine Keener      Being John Malkovich   
   70      Walter Matthau      The Taking of Pelham 123   
   71      Andy Serkis      The Two Towers   
   72      Orson Welles      A Touch of Evil   
   73      Samuel Jackson      Pulp Fiction   
   74      Deborah Kerr      Black Narcissus   
   75      Catherine Deneuve      Repulsion   
   76      Robert DeNiro      Midnight Run   
   77      Cecilia Roth      All About My Mother   
   78      Ulrich Muhe      The Lives of Others   
   79      Steve Martin      Roxanne   
   80      Sean Connery      Goldfinger   
   81      Penelope Cruz      Volver   
   82      John Cameron Mitchell      Hedwig & the Angry Inch   
   83      Uma Thurman      Pulp Fiction   
   84      Forrest Whittaker      Ghost Dog   
   85      Michael Caine      The Man Who Would Be King   
   86      Bill Murray      Groundhog Day   
   87      John Hurt      The Elephant Man   
   88      Guy Pearce      Momento   
   89      Shirley MacLaine      The Apartment   
   90      Steve MacQueen      Papillon   
   91      Clint Eastwood      The Good The Bad The Ugly   
   92      Gene Hackman      The French Connection   
   93      Steve Coogan      24 Hour Party People   
   94      Bruno Ganz      Downfall   
   95      Bruce Campbell      Evil Dead 2   
   96      Gregory Peck      To Kill A Mockingbird   
   97      Peter O’Toole      Lawrence of Arabia   
   98      Edward Norton      American History X   
   99      Vivian Leigh      Gone with the Wind   
  100       Mia Farrow       Rosemary's Baby    
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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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Bondo’s Switchboard

Annual Lists
Movies Watched in 2012
The Year So Far (2012)
Movies Watched in 2011
The Year So Far (2011)
Movies Watched in 2010
The Year So Far (2010)
Books Read in 2011

My Pantheon
Top 150 Movies
Best of the Decade: 00s
Top Animated Films
Top Directors
Top Performances
Top Documentaries
Top Books
Top Bands/Artists
Top Albums

The Movie Review Warehouse
30 Day Film Challenge
Why I Watch Films

Revisiting Great Directors
Lisztomania: A Classics Marathon
The Second Cel: Animation Marathon
Bondo and Kimes Do The Mumbai
Bondo’s 200X
King Blockbuster: Forty Years of Spielberg
Shocktober 2010
FS Top 100 2010
DOC-ember 2010
One-Night Stands No More
You're Only Human: A Mike Leigh Retrospective
The King and Queen of Extreme
Shocktober 2011

Bracket Verdicts
1990s Far East
Round 1
Shower>Moment of Romance
The Harmonium In My Memory>The Eel
After Life>Moonlight Boy
Round 2
Farewell My Concubine>Beijing Bastards
Supermarket Woman>Happy Together
Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade>Minbo: The Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion
My Rice Noodle Shop>Patlabor 2
Ringu>License To Live
Moonlight Whispers>Rhapsody In August
Sleeping Man>Art Museum By The Zoo
Okoge>In The Heat of the Sun
The Wedding Banquet>The Strange Tale of Oyuki
Labyrinth of Dreams>The God of Cookery

1980s US
Round 1
The Terminator>The King of Comedy
Working Girl>Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers
Top Gun>Let’s Get Lost
Hoosiers>Swing Shift
Uksuum Cauyai: The Drums of Winter>Forevermore: Biography of a Leech Lord
Housekeeping>Vampire’s Kiss
Common Threads: Stories From The Quilt>Trading Places
Desperately Seeking Susan>Stripes
Midnight Run>Ishtar
Big>The Man Who Envied Women
Talking To Strangers>Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Naked Spaces: Living Is Round>Roger & Me
Field of Dreams>Liquid Sky
Round 2
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters>Four Friends
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels>Zelig
When Harry Met Sally>Forest of Bliss
Stardust Memories>sex, lies and videotape
Out of the Blue>Poltergeist
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure>Koyaanisqatsi
They Live>The Decline of Western Civilization
The Empire Strikes Back>Style Wars
Missing>Landscape Suicide
Ordinary People>The Shining
Full Metal Jacket>White Dog
Round 3
Die Hard>Ghostbusters
Raising Arizona>Choose Me
The Ninth Configuration>My Dinner With Andre
The Unbelievable Truth>Chameleon Street
The Thing>Once Upon A Time In America
Amadeus>Tough Guys Don't Dance

Dictations Received:
Clovis: In The Mood For Love (February 2010, Best of Decade)
zarodinu: Careful (March 2010, Free Skate
Dr. K: Dawn of The Dead and The Mist (April 2010, Best of the Decade)
Corndog: The Black Cauldron (May 2010, Animation)
Michael X:The Thief of Bagdad (June 2010, Silent Films)
tjwells: The Room (July 2010, Free Skate)
Ver Schmer: Aguirre The Wrath of God (August 2010, Filmspotting Top 250)
alexarch: Little Shop of Horrors (September 2010, Musicals)
FLYmeatwad: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres and Vincent (October 2010, Personal Charm)
Melvil: You, The Living and Harakiri (November 2010, Directors Needing More Love)
Harbinger of Duh: The Trial (December 2010, The 60s)
FifthCityMuse: Brotherhood (January 2011, Filmspots)
JokerXgg: MacGruber (February 2011, Filmspots 2)
Beavermoose: Riding Giants and Ryan (March 2011, Documentaries)
ProperCharlie: Vampyr (April 2011, Fantastical Unreality)
Ideathy: Cinderella (May 2011, Mothers)
fransisco4: Everybody's Fine (June 2011, Fathers)
oldkid: Through A Glass Darkly (July 2011, 90 Minutes Or Less)
dallegre: Patton (August 2011, imdb250)
Beavermoose: Torque (September 2011, Guilty Pleasures)
jrod: The Re-Animator (October 2011, Horror)
FLYmeatwad: Cedar Rapids (December 2011, Filmspots)

My Dictations:
Bill: Kontroll (February 2010, Best of Decade)
jbissel: The Crimson Rivers (March 2010, Free Skate)
Steven O. Selsnik: Children of Men and Let The Right One In (April 2010, Best of the Decade)
Sam: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (May 2010, Animation)
alexarch: Metropolis (June 2010, Silent Films)
GothamCity: Dear Zachary (July 2010, Free Skate)
ses: Ran (August 2010, Filmspotting Top 250)
michaelx: Not on the Lips (September 2010, Musicals)
Emiliana: Pretty Baby (October 2010, Personal Charm)
jrod: Earth (November 2010, Directors Needing More Love)
ProperCharlie: A Hard Day's Night (December 2010, The 60s)
dallegre: Prodigal Sons (January 2011, Filmspots)
Clovis: Micmacs (February 2011, Filmspots 2)
ProperCharlie: Lake of Fire (March 2011, Documentaries)
Totoro: You, The Living (April 2011, Fantastical Unreality)
oldkid: As Good As It Gets (May 2011, Mothers)
jrod: Shower (June 2011, Fathers)
Shaw13: The Woodsman (July 2011, 90 Minutes Or Less)
PeacefulAnarchy: Late Marriage (August 2011, Top 250s)
MartinTeller: Say Uncle (September 2011, Guilty Pleasures)
BlueVoid: The Frighteners (October 2011, Horror)
PeacefulAnarchy: How I Ended This Summer (December 2011, Filmspots)
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My Switchboard - Movies Watched in 2010, The Year So Far, Top 200 Films, and more!


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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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BeaverMoose’s Switchboard

Annual Lists
Movies Watched in 2010
The Year So Far (2010)
Top Discoveries of 2010

Movies Watched in 2011
The Year So Far (2011)

My Pantheon
Top 100 Movies
Top Animated Films
Top Directors
Top Performances
Top Documentaries
Top Books

Bill's Mega Disney Animated Marathon 2000+  COMPLETED
King Blockbuster: Forty Years of Spielberg The 80s COMPLETED
Beavermoose & Friends FS Top 100
DOC-ember 2010

Bracket Verdicts (Winners in Bold)
1990s Far East
Autumn Moon VS Ashes of Time
Pom Poko VS Talking Head
Dr. Akagi VS Shanghai Triad

1980s US
Robocop VS Pumping Iron 2:The Women
The Princess Bride VS Witness
Walker VS Full Metal Jacket
Eight Men Out VS The Empire Strikes Back
Escape from New York VS Chameleon Street
The Fox and The Hound VS Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Running on Empty VS The Terminator
Wall Street VS St. Elmo's Fire
Hollywood Shuffle VS Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Once Upon a Time in America VS The Unbearable Lightness of Being

June: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans from Bill Thompson
July: I Shot Andy Warhol from alexarch
August: Breathless from tinyholidays
September: An American in Paris from GothamCity151
October: The Gleaners and I from FifthCityMuse
November: Memories of Murder from dallegre
December: The Innocents from ProperCharlie

January: A Prophet from roricb
February: Four Lions from Dave the Necrobumber
March: The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On from MartinTeller
April: Le pacte des loups from Smirnoff
May: Undercover Blues from oldkid
June: Last Chance Harvey from Sandy
July: XXXXXXX from Shaw 13

June: Broken Blossoms to Bill Thompson
July: Timecrimes to Sam the Cinema Snob
August: All About my Mother to matt tmw
September: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to Emiliana
October: The Player to michael x
November: The Frighteners to Corndog
December: Cool Hand Luke to 'Noke

January: Splice to FLYmeatwad
February: Enter the Void to edgar00
March: Riding Giants/Ryan to Bondo
April: My Winnipeg to MartinTeller
May: Brand Upon the Brain to Puke Lerry
June: C.R.A.Z.Y. to Bill Thompson
July: XXXXXX to 'Noke


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Re: Filmspotter Switchboards - First post has index
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My Star Ratings. What They Mean.

*****   = The Greatest Films Ever Made. (Only My Top 25 of All Time have earned a full 5 stars)
****     = You Must See This
***1/2 = You Should See This
***       = A Good Film
**1/2   = Mixed
**         = Disappointed
*1/2    = Bad Film. Pretty Forgettable
*           = Laughably Bad
1/2      = So Bad it's Not Funny
0 stars = Insultingly or Offensively Bad

Top 100 of All Time
Top 100 of the 00s

Top 20 Greatest Directors Working Today (2008)

The Simpsons Marathon

Spielberg in the 00s (with Bondo)
2010 Halloween Group Marathon
Me and My Gal's Merry Musical Marathon
1957 Retrospot Marathon
Akira Kurosawa, François Truffaut and Satyajit Ray Marathon
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