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Re: Live Music OR The Last Concert You Went To
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The past two days I attended the EDM-heavy indoor festival Snowta here in Minneapolis and it brought to mind this review from a couple years back:

Under the Electric Sky: EDC 2013 (2014)

Watching this documentary, focused on a mass rave/EDM festival held in Las Vegas, I kind of see the person I wish I could be. The kind of person who could go out in a mass of people, to let go of myself and exist in the moment, to engage in the pure sensory and sensual nature of it. Instead, the crowds, with their disorder and chaos, would throw me into a panic attack. I'd be uneasy dancing with the music, concerned about looking foolish, even though no one else is paying attention.

Having now been present for an EDM festival (albeit one on a significantly smaller scale than EDC I can approach this from a different perspective. This was certainly a crowded festival just in terms of the density in most areas, but I found I largely tolerated that, usually by just placing myself in less crowded areas. However, watching those throwing themselves fully into it...the elaborate and often mockable dancing...the extremely skimpy outfits on many of the women it made me ponder if the inhibitions that keep me from engaging fully in the experience isn't a function of my personality (or relative sobriety) but is more caught up in gender identity. It isn't that I don't like drawing attention (or irrationally worry that I will) so much as I don't like drawing attention to me in male form. I don't feel entirely comfortable with this body so I try to not bring attention to it. If I could transfer my consciousness into one of these cute girls, it may be that those reservations would collapse and I would feel more at liberty to be the center of attention.

Failing that, my general feeling is as EDM goes, I'd rather just sit in a comfortable living room with some friends, turn on some good EDM, sacrifice my sobriety and just sit and lose myself in the music. I lack what I need to really appreciate what the setting of a festival of this sort offers.