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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Director's Body of Work

Arranged alphabetically


Pedro Almodóvar

He has a wonderful visual style and vivid female characters in most of his films.

he is one of the few directors that is equally enjoyed by men and women.

Non of his movies are so amazing that they could convert you by themselves.  But his overall body of work is impressive, he doesnt create masterpieces, but he creates a great movie everytime.  Like Kim Ki Duk or Tarkovsky, his entire career is essentially one long movie.  When you see half a dozen of his films, you slowly grow fond of them.  Not an easy director by any stretch.

Pedro Almodovar, the most consistent screenwriter of the decade

I'm reminded of a quote I've heard about Bergman and Antonioni that would apply to Almodovar as well, in that his subject is simply, women. He is fascinated by and enthralled by every aspect of women, their lives, their hardships, their pain and their joy.

I love Almodovar because he can make me cry

Almodovar as a whole could be my favorite discovery of '08


Paul Thomas Anderson

What bold filmmaking. I'm-not-going-to-dumb-it-down-cut-out-important-things-for-the-sake-of-time-I'm-going-to-show-you-everything-I-want-you-see-everything-that-will-make-this-all-make-sense-at-least-some-what Anderson.

Paul Thomas Anderson has demonstrated a mastery of the styles forged by Altman, Scorsese and Kubrick, but his creations stand on their own two legs and each film attempts to be nothing less than defining cinematic statements.

All of his movies that I have seen (Boogie Nights, Magnolia, PDL, TWBB) have been 10/10 movies. I think he is the best director working today.

such a fresh voice in filmmaking

I'd say Paul Thomas Anderson is the clear #1 auteur to be active this decade

Boogie Nights was like his most perfect ending.
I thought it could have been longer.

This has been another vaguely satisfying installment of pixote's Generic Joke of the Week.


It's funny, heartfelt, touching, a little scary and full of the quirky sincerity and randomness that Anderson excels at.


Wes Anderson

One great script and I guarantee he'll direct the hell out of it.

pretty much everything I've seen has been great, including the vastly underappreciated The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

I love Wes Anderson and his movies get better the more I watch them. He has a sweet touch without being cloying.

Wes Anderson's films are lush, and he has this wonderfully offbeat and eccentric way of composing a frame which is lovely.

I love his specificity of tone and use of colors.

Wes Anderson strikes me as one of the few American directors today who actually has respect for the frame and the image.

Wes Anderson plays in a league of his own


Coen Brothers

I would say the Coen Brothers would have to be my favorite film makers as I could put 4 or 5 films of theirs in my top 20 or at least 50. Aside from Intolerable Cruelty and Lady Killers, every movie of their has good repeat viewing ability for me.

The Coen Brothers are truly talented and some of their pictures , including No Country for Old Men , are modern cinematic works of art

I have become an unabashed lover of the Coen brothers

I am a huge Coen Brothers fanatic

Everytime I walk into a cinema showing a Coen brothers film I feel like I am safe hands. These are Serious directors that trust the intellect of their audience by making non linear films.

I'm always bewildered when people accuse the Coen Brothers of being cynical and not having a heart or something.

The Coen brothers are incredible storytellers... [their] cinematography is impressive.

It seems that modern American cinema MUST have unity of mood throughout a motion picture.  A movie can be a grossout comedy, a thriller, or a horror movie but NEVER a mix of these.  The Coen brothers have made a career out of slaughtering that particular sacred cow


Alfonso Cuaron

He can do art films, family films, and commercial fare with such ease.

one of the most creative and original talents making movies....  He shows great skill both with his camera movement and his unique story choices.

I think he's one of the Best and he's getting better.

He is solid, but only sometimes Great

Too early to rank him among my favs but he has potential coming out his ying-yang.

The interesting thing about Cuaron is that the movie that makes me like him the most is probably the one I consider his worst

his projects are so varied and yet I always find something I like.

Cuaron shoots scenes in such a great and effortless way, often very impressively staged, but always feeling natural.


Paul Greengrass

He understands quick cuts and shakycam. Not many action directors, or other directors who venture into the action genre, do.

Paul Greengrass is one of the freshest talents of the last ten years.  His style is immediate and very easy to identify... he takes his cameras and plunges you right into the heart of whatever he's presenting.  And he gets my blood racing every time.

You could argue that he's kind of a one-trick pony, but while everyone else uses shakey-cam and quick edits to create fake excitement, Greengrass builds his shots into masterful sequences of tension and suspense.  He can keep you on edge for the entire length of the film; the magician that does the trick right and makes it look easy.

Extra points for bouncing between commercial and art-house fare.  I can't decide which he's better suited for.  He's made Jason Bourne (and Matt Damon) the most exciting action hero of this generation, and his take on 9/11 and Bloody Sunday explains historical events on the most human of terms.

Every film he has made is great.

Greengrass is clearly the best working director at bringing real life to the screen.
Not to mention the most realistic action movies made this decade.

Paul Greengrass in this decade created two distinctive styles-- that displayed in the Bourne series ("fast edit realistic action") and that displayed in United 93 and Bloody Sunday ("history as documentary"?).  Either one would make him an auteur, but making two makes him brilliant.

Greengrass. He hasn't made a bad movie yet. As a matter of fact, they've all been downright amazing. We'll see how [he] holds up over time, but I fully expect great, great things.

Greengrass' use of the camera is marvelous


Hayao Miyazaki

The aura, the experience, of a these films is so instantly enchanting, so captivatingly complex, so fantastically real! And his characters! I love his heroes; so selfless, loving, and determined. His films don't let my mind wander off to think about real life. When I'm feeling down, they always lift my spirits.

Miyazaki is probably the best animator ever


I feel that Miyazaki's Greatness is essentially a given

I'd rather watch a film of his than anybody else's.

What he is most talented at, and it's something few animators can do, is conceptualizing entirely fantastic worlds that are still somewhat grounded in reality.  He makes us believe that these places, airships, witches, and forest gods do exist somewhere; that's a beautiful feeling.

Miyazaki makes films on a different level. He is a true artist and auteur.

makes excellent movie after excellent movie


Christopher Nolan

After I saw Insomnia I knew that Christopher Nolan was special

For my money, the man has never made a bad movie. Insomnia remains one of my favorite police procedural thrillers, Memento is still groundbreaking, and Batman Begins has set a new standard for the Dark Knight and all comic book films. Even The Prestige is an interesting puzzle movie- the kind Hollywood doesn't really bother to make any more.

Christoper Nolan is one of the most exciting directors working today.  It is as simple as that.  You may not like everyone of his movies, but he is always original and creative.

the master of mood and suspense, Chris Nolan.

He's always been a great intellectual filmmaker to me, and I think he has the cool reserve that will keep him from getting stuck trying to top his biggest success.

I think he's one of the best working today.  Of the crop of guys that have sprung up in the last 15 years or so

Nolan is my #1 of any director let alone British.


Quentin Tarantino

He is a God of the aesthetic era in which we find ourselves.... a cinematic mash-up artist & one of the best writers in the business

The Tarantino brand, its elegant tension-building dialog punctuated by black-comic violence.

Tarantino seems to have emerged fully-formed as a great filmmaker right off the bat

His encyclopedic knowledge of film would be awesome to bask in.

Adam this week when Adam said he wants to show his daughter Tarantino films as an example of female empowerment.


Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant is a classic example of a Maverick director.

Van Sant may be one of my favorite directors working today

Gus Van Sant is a God damned visionary.

he has a totally different perspective on film.


Wong Kar Wai

Kar-Wai can do no Wong.

the people on these boards LOVE Wong Kar Wai.

How many masterpieces does he have?
By definition, can't an artist have only one masterpiece?
By definition, isn't every piece by a master a masterpiece?
No, I don't think so.
Is a master a master for all of his carrer?
I'm pretty sure an artist can only have one masterpiece
The meaning and context of masterpiece has, I assumed, changed since, along with the meaning of the single piece of work that grants the maker the status of master-type definition, Merriam Webster also has a work done with extraordinary skill  ; especially : a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement and American Heritage has An outstanding work of art or craft.

Going by those entries, I guess, an artist can have more than one masterpiece.

Supreme also denotes singularity, but so does greatest and people often use greatest in ways like: What are Bob Dylan's greatest songs? or Who are some of the greatest center fielders in MLB history?  I dunno, LOL, whatever.  I'm wrong.
Wikipedia: "Originally, the term masterpiece referred to a piece of work produced by an apprentice or journeyman aspiring to become a master craftsman in the old European guild system. His fitness to qualify for guild membership was judged partially by the Masterpiece, and if he was successful, it was retained by the guild."

I think, generally, we use the term two different ways around here — one at level of the individual artist and one in regards to art in general.  When we say, This film is her masterpiece, there's definitely the assumption there that we're relying on the definition of masterpiece as "a person's greatest piece of work."  But when we say, more generally, This film is a masterpiece, there's generally not an implicit reference to the film's auteur in such a statement (and the critical positioning of the film in that auteur's body of work); instead the statement relies on the more general and impersonal definition of a masterpiece as "a consummate example of skill or excellence of any kind."  I can therefore argue that His Girl Friday is a masterpiece but it's not Howard Hawks' masterpiece.  I can then thumb my nose at auteurism and add, "It's Cary Grant's."



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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Lead Performance - Female

Imelda Staunton - Vera Drake
"I help young girls out."

Lina Leandersson - Let The Right One In
"I'm twelve. But I've been twelve for a long time."

Kate Winslet - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
"Too many guys think I'm a concept, or I complete them, or I'm gonna make them alive..."

Maggie Cheung - In the Mood for Love
"Actually... I want to ask you something too. Where did you buy your tie? "

Julie Delpy - Before Sunset
"Yeah, you thought I was a fatty. No, you thought I was a fatty!
Yeah, you, you wrote a book about a fat French girl! "

Uma Thurman, Kill Bill Vol.1
"Well, ain't you the little slice of cutie pie they said you were?"

Audrey Tatou – Amelie
"I had two heart attacks, an abortion, did crack... while I was pregnant.
Other than that, I'm fine."

Penelope Cruz, Volver
"It smells of... farts, my mother's farts"

Anamaria Marinca - 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Naomi Watts – Mulholland Drive
"...Of course, I'd rather be known as a great actress than a movie star.
But, you know, sometimes people end up being both!"

Ellen Page - Juno
"Can I use the facilities? Because being pregnant makes me pee like Seabiscuit! "

Samantha Morton - Morvern Callar
"...we can go anywhere you like."

Juliette Binoche, Flight of the Red Balloon

Emily Watson - Punch Drunk Love
"Oh... I'm sorry... was that like a secret pudding?"

Anne Hathaway - Rachel Getting Married
"And I just wanted to share that and say
congratulations that God makes you look up,
I'm so happy for you, but if he doesn't, come here."

Sally Hawkins - Happy-Go-Lucky
"'The Road to Reality'...hmmm...Don't wanna be going there! "

Michelle Williams - Wendy And Lucy

Kate Winslet, Little Children
"'s not the cheating. It's the hunger...
The hunger for an alternative..."

Ellen Burstyn – Requiem For A Dream
"Purple in the morning, blue in the afternoon, orange in the evening."

Carey Mulligan - An Education
"Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring.
So, what you're telling me is to be bored, and then bored,
and finally bored again, but this time for the rest of my life? "

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Supporting Performance - Female

Cate Balnchett - I'm Not There
"You know, saying 'cause of peace', it's like saying, 'hunk of butter',
you know, I don't want you to listen to anybody who wants you
to believe is dedicated to the hunk and not the butter."

Frances McDormand - Almost Famous
"It's not too late for you to become a person of substance, Russell.
Please get my son home safely...You know, I'm glad we spoke"

Michelle Williams - Brokeback Mountain
"You didn't go up there to fish!"

Marisa Tomei - In the Bedroom
"Oh, I was hoping we could talk...I wanted to tell you how truly sorry I am..."

Viola Davis - Doubt
"I'll be standing with my son and those who are good with my son.
It'd be nice to see you there"

Rosemarie Dewitt - Rachel Getting Married
"You were high for his life. You were not present...Okay?

Meryl Streep - Adaptation
"I suppose I do have one unembarrassed passion. I want to know what
it feels like to care about something passionately."

Mo'nique - Precious
"You don't know what real women do! Real women sacrifice! "

Michelle Yeoh - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
"To repress one's feelings only makes them stronger."

Amy Ryan - Gone, Baby, Gone
"Well, what am I gonna' do? Leave her in the car?... "

Ziyi Zhang - 2046
"Stay with me tonight. Let me borrow you..."

Natalie Portman - Closer
"...What would my euphemism be?"

Jennifer Connelly - Requiem for a Dream
"You make me feel like a person. Like I'm me... and I'm beautiful..."

Saoirse Ronan - Atonement
"What's the worst word you can possibly imagine?"

Kelly Macdonald – No Country For Old Men
"I knowed you was crazy when I saw you sitting there.
I knowed exactly what was in store for me..."

Rachel Weisz - The Brothers Bloom
"There is no such thing as an unwritten life, only a badly written one. "

Mélanie Laurent - Inglourious Basterds
"Because, Marcel, my sweet, we're going to make a film..."

Ziyi Zhang - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
"How long would you last as my enemy?"

Kate Hudson - Almost Famous
"if ya never take it seriosuly, ya never get hurt"

Rinko Kikuchi - The Brothers Bloom

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Lead Performance - Male

Tony Leung - 2046
"If I'd live in another time or place...
my story might have had a very different ending"

Sam Rockwell - Moon
"Listen, why don't you relax. Why don't you take a pill, bake a cake, go read the encyclopedia"

Heath Ledger - Brokeback Mountain
" the wrong place... at the wrong time... and we're dead. "

John Cusack - High Fidelity
"It was like trying to borrow a dollar, getting turned down,
and asking for 50 grand instead. "

Nicolas Cage - Adaptation
"Okay. But, I'm saying, it's like, I don't want to cram in sex or guns or car chases,
you know... or characters, you know, learning profound life lessons or growing or coming
to like each other or overcoming obstacles to succeed in the end..."

Casey Affleck - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
" I've got qualities that don't come shining through right at the outset,
but give me a chance and I'll get the job done- I can guarantee you that. "

Christian Bale - American Psycho
"Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.
Oh my God, it even has a watermark! "

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Doubt
"I want you to go home, take a pillow upon your roof,
cut it open with a knife, and return here to me"

Adam Sandler - Punch-Drunk Love
"I have to get more pudding for this trip to Hawaii. As I just said
that out loud I realize it sounded a little strange but it's not. "

Ulrich Mühe - The Lives of Others
"An innocent prisoner will become more angry by the hour due to the injustice suffered.
He will shout and rage. A guilty prisoner becomes more calm and quiet.
Or he cries. He knows he's there for a reason...."

Sean Penn - Milk
"you won't know until the end of your life who your
greatest friends were or your greatest love was"

Tony Leung - In the Mood for Love
"I don't know where it came from. My wife buys all my ties."

Mickey Rourke - The Wrestler
"Give this to your son, it's an authentic Randy "the Ram" action figure.
Tell him not to lose it, it's a $300 collectors item. "

Bill Murray - Lost in Translation
"Is that everything? It seemed like he said quite a bit more than that"

Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Synecdoche, New York
"Try to keep in mind that a young person playing Willy Loman
thinks he's only pretending to be at the end of a life full of
despair. But the tragedy is that we know that you, the young
actor, will end up in this very place of desolation."

Jim Carrey - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
"Sand is overrated. It's just tiny, little rocks. "

Colin Farrell – In Bruges
"I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and
was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn't, so it doesn't."

Daniel Day Lewis - There Will Be Blood
"If I travel all the way there and find out that you're a
liar, I'll find you and take more than my money back,
is that alright with you? "

Edward Norton - 25th Hour
"Let an earthquake crumble it, let the fires rage, let it burn to ash
and then let the waters rise and submerge this whole rat-infested place"

Michael Stuhlbarg - A Serious Man
"...the stories I give you in class are just illustrative; they're like, fables,
say, to help give you a picture. An imperfect model. I mean - even I don't
understand the dead cat. The math is how it really works."

Clive Owen - Children of Men
"A hundred years from now there won't be one sad fk to
look at any of this. What keeps you going? "

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Supporting Performance - Male

Andy Serkis - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
"It’s my birthday and I wants it."

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Almost Famous (left)
"They make you feel cool. And hey. I met you. You are not cool. "

Eddie Marsan - Happy Go Lucky
"It is 555 feet above the ground and 111 feet below the ground.
555 plus 111 is 666. 6-6-6...Poppy...6-6-6!!"

Ben Kingsley - Sexy Beast
"What you think this is the wheel of fortune?"

Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight
"You.....complete me!"

Chris Cooper - Adaptation
"The smartest guy I know, huh!?"

Benicio Del Toro - Traffic
" I'm not kidding...Take of your sunglasses!"

Brendan Gleeson - In Bruges
He said ...I 'know I'm awake... but it feels like I'm in a dream'... "

Jackie Earle Haley - Little Children
"I'm not a nice person"

Daniel Day Lewis - Gangs of New York
" On the seventh day the Lord rested, but before that he did,
he squatted over the side of England and what came out of him... was Ireland"

Gene Hackman - The Royal Tenenbaums
"The past six days have been the best six days of probably my whole life"

Jackie Earle Haley - Watchmen
"None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you.
You're locked in here with ME!"

Clive Owen - Closer
"She has the moronic of beauty of youth, but she's sly."

Peter Capaldi - In the Loop
"'Climbing the mountain of conflict'?! You sounded like a Nazi Julie Andrews! "

Leonardo DiCaprio - The Departed
"I'll deal with something being wrong for the rest of my life!"

Javier Bardem - No Country For Old Men
"You're in the hospital across the river, but that's not
where I'm going. Do you know where I'm going?"

James Franco - Pineapple Express
"I'm gonna become a civil engineer. I'm gonna design septic tanks for playgrounds."

Ray Winstone - The Proposition
"I will civilize this land"

James Franco - Milk
"If you say anything, about politics, or the campaign, or what speech
you have to give, or anything, I swear to God I'm gonna stab
you with this fork"

Jack Black - High Fidelity
"Do we look like the kind of store that sells 'I Just Called to Say I Love You?' Go to the mall!"

Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds
" What a tremendously hostile world that a rat must endure.
Yet not only does he survive, he thrives!"

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Cinematography



Kill Bill, Vol. 1

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Brokeback Mountain

Children of Men

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Fall

The Fountain


House of Flying Daggers

In The Mood For Love

Inglourious Basterds

The Man Who Wasn't There

The New World

No Country For Old Men

Punch Drunk Love

Road to Perdition


There Will Be Blood

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Soundtrack

24 Hour Party People

(500) Days of Summer


Almost Famous

Crazy Heart

Death Proof

Garden State

High Fidelity

I’m Not There

In the Mood for Love

Into the Wild

Kill Bill Vol.1

Lost in Translation

Morvern Callar

O Brother Where Art Thou?


The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Royal Tenenbaums

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Score


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford


Brokeback Mountain

The Brother's Bloom

The Dark Knight

The Incredibles

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring


Pan's Labyrinth

Punch-Drunk Love

Requiem for a Dream

Spirited Away

There Will Be Blood


Where the Wild Things Are

Thanks to 'Noke for his work on Score and Soundtrack.

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Re: Best of the Decade Winners
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Best Foreign Language Film

Yi Yi (2000, Edward Yang)
Let the Right One In (2008, Tomas Alfredson)
Caché (2005, Michael Haneke)
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006, Guillermo del Toro)
Y tu mamá también (2001, Alfonso Cuarón)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000, Ang Lee)
Oldboy (2003, Chan-wook Park)
The Lives of Others (2006, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck)
In the Mood for Love (2000, Kar Wai Wong)
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007, Cristian Mungiu)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007, Julian Schnabel)
City of God (2002, Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund)
Volver (2006, Pedro Almodóvar)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (2003, Ki-duk Kim)
Waltz With Bashir (2008, Ari Folman)
2046 (2004, Kar Wai Wong)
Amelie (2001, Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
Spirited Away (2001, Hayao Miyazaki)

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