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Introduction to Our Forum and FAQs
« on: May 07, 2010, 04:19:34 PM »
Filmspotting Forums:
Quick Start Guide

Are your friends, roommates or family tired of you …
  • Replying to everything they say with a line from Being John Malkovich?
  • Hogging the TV with some "weird Japanese subtitled movie" that has "Pokemon guys" in it? 
  • Sneaking selections ahead of theirs in the Netflix queue?
  • Demanding they respect your "Director|Year" order on the DVD shelf (alphabetical?  phhhhhttt!)
  • Working on your spreadsheet of Inglourious Basterds film references instead of finishing that paper.
  • Slipping words like “Nuanced”, “Composition” and “Narrative thread” into dinner conversation

If you answered yes to more than 3 of these, then....first get medical help, then come back here and introduce yourself because you'll be among friends!


1) So - what do you people do here anyways?
Mostly we're a very friendly and welcoming group - collectively trying to avoid the obligations in from other areas of life!  But also....

2) Any rules/guidelines I should know about?
  • We are basically a PG-13 type site.  Mild language and adult conversation are are to be expected from time-to-time, but let’s not go Lars Von Trier – ok?
  • We are sensitive to spoilers!  Make use of the spoiler tags to black out spoilery type things

  • We like to pretend people don’t watch movies illegally  - so there's an informal don't ask / don't tell policy.
  • There are other sites on the interwebs you can find to argue about religion, hunting, Glenn Beck, abortion and the number "520".  But if you feel you must also flex your first amendment rights here, then please limit yourself to the No Movie Talk Allowed thread, ok?
  • But mostly relax and just try to have fun without hurting yourself...

3) How do I add an image to my post?
This is something most of us have asked at some point. See this post for details. Images added to signatures is not allowed.

4) How do I search the forum?
There is a search function available to all members. 

Current Events

Retro Filmspots
We are currently polling members for which year should be the focus of the next Retro Filmspot Award. 

Filmspotting Podcast replies to your questions at this forum
The Filmspotting podcast just released episodes #616 and #617 which are the year-end best of 2016.  Thoughts and comments are encouraged!

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