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Re: Filmspotters Top 100 Movies - The Countdown! (2010 edition)
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The Godfather
(Francis Ford Coppola, 1972)

The Godfather: Trailer

Quote from: m_rturnage
The Godfather is near and dear to me
Quote from: chesterfilms
if you are a true film fan you should see the godfather
Quote from: arcnyc
It really is one of the greatest American films of all time.
Quote from: Tim
Overall, this movie is not overrated. It deserves the praise it has been getting for the past almost 40 years.
Quote from: Melvil
Yeah, I understand the love for this. It's really pretty great, I also see it growing on me with repeat viewings as I got a lot more out of it this time. Most noteworthy takeaway: The ending is beyond perfect. Great, great final scene.
Quote from: Corndog
A classic. So beautifully shot and told. The characters were great, accessible despite their roles in society, and they were all vital to the success and progression of the plot.
Quote from: Harlan
Essentially perfect
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