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Desert Island Discs
« on: October 27, 2010, 06:39:15 AM »
Desert Island Discs is BBC Radio 4's most enduring program. It's the second longest-running show in radio history, and it's gold. Each week, a guest is marooned on a desert island. They are invited to choose the eight discs they would take to a desert island (songs, not albums, originally from gramophone discs). They are also given the bible (or a similar religious/philosophical work, i.e. the Qu'ran, the Mahābhārata etc) and the complete works of Shakespeare, and are asked to select a book of their own choosing (although fairly loose - a visit to this wikipedia page will give you an idea of what was selected by guests in the last decade). There is also the choice of a luxury, in antiquity nothing that can aid escape from the island, although this is, again, flexible (see above link).

In between the musical selections, the guests divulge biographical information, currently interviewed by Kirsty Young, who does a fantastic job at leading the guests through their stories and selections in the most fantastic ways. The guests are sometimes celebrities, and sometimes people in the public eye, and occasionally high achievers/people with stories to tell. There have been singers, actors, scientists, magistrates, psychologists, writers, stylists and Tim Robbins, and that's just this year. This week they had Nick Clegg, the British deputy Prime Minister.

So. What would your eight discs be? Classical, contemporary, spoken word (it's an option)? Which is the one you'd save if they were all about to be washed out to sea? What would your book be? Would you take the Bible, or a different religious text? And what would that luxury be (for reference, author Terry Pratchet chose the Chrysler Building)?

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Re: Desert Island Discs
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 12:21:30 PM »
1812 Overture
Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd
Canon in D Minor

Need time to think of the others

Would not take a religious tome, wait would take a humanist tome, and a book on philosophy (would give me lots to think about)

Luxury, comfortable shelter.