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Re: pixote's super slow dictation marathon
« Reply #180 on: December 18, 2017, 01:00:14 AM »

Wassup Rockers  (Larry Clark, 2005)
Dictated by ˇKeithˇ

I can't find my notes for this one, but, short version, I wish Clark had made a documentary instead. This group of Latino skater kids from South LA is cinematically unique, and their profile didn't require the adornment of a silly, thin plot that puts the kids in the position of having to show off their general lack of acting chops. The more real the film is — even in the fictionalized moments — the better, so it's a shame that Clark takes them out of their element and puts them in Beverly Hills (the satire of which is generic and generally unfortunate). Even in these sequences, though, the film creates some nice moments, highlighted by a scene of a Beverly Hills girl (the most professional actor in the cast) flirtatiously interviewing one of the South LA kids in her bedroom. It's a constructed scene that still let's the kids be themselves, and the honesty and intimacy are rewarding. I might have traded in some of the footage of the kids skateboarding for a deeper glimpse into their musical process.

Grade: C+

Up next: The World (dictated by worm@work)

I think I'd love how awkward it'd be, or how awkward it should be.