Author Topic: Respond to the last movie you watched (Jan 2011 - Nov 2013)  (Read 1354031 times)


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Re: Respond to the last movie you watched
« Reply #19960 on: November 04, 2013, 09:26:15 AM »
The Counselor (Ridley Scott, 2013)

My four word review describing what the film really needed would be  "More Brad Pitt, less Cameron Diaz"

I think I liked about 60% of this movie.  There really needed to be some serious editing of the script and the film in my opinion.   There are some scenes that should've been cut completely, and some of the dialogue was just horrendous and unfortunately, they gave a lot of it to Diaz, who just can't handle it.  She is supposed to be this kingpin femme fatale, and she just can't deliver.  I felt like McCarthy was trying to make some conversations like the ending of No Country for Old Men, full of abstract meaning, and it just fell flat for me.

I did like the scenes between Brad Pitt and Fassbender, they played really well off each other, and the main storyline is good, I just wish someone else would've been cast instead of Diaz and that the script would've been a bit tighter with less jumping from scene to scene (some of which were unnecessary).
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